Traditional ERP or ERP for eCommerce White Paper

Industry Insight

The retail industry is quickly evolving. Customers have become the center of the retail experience, with access to retailers from the Web, their phones, in-stores, by contacting call centers and through any platform in between.

The omni channel retail environment is in turn demanding that merchants be more flexible to suit the needs of shoppers. Retailers can no longer operate on a channel-by-channel basis – they need to operate a dynamic empire that can serve customers regardless of where they are and how they prefer to shop. Moreover, merchants need to carry out this effort seamlessly and ensure the shopping experience is optimal across all channels.

The retail landscape has always been a competitive one, and this remains the case today. In order to deliver a satisfactory shopping experience, merchants must leverage accurate data to engage customers in meaningful ways. Having the right information empowers merchants to react more efficiently and quickly across channels.

For many retailers, this calls for increased investments in eCommerce software and solutions. The right technology will play a pivotal role in aiding merchants as they develop the agility needed to keep up with the modern omni channel customer. To this end, enterprise resource planning systems can be crucial in helping retailers store and manage data across business functions.

This ERP for eCommerce white paper, we explore the different ERP systems available to retailers today. We hope that you will use this white paper as a resource when seeking a vendor that will deliver a platform for growth and the flexibility a retailer needs to evolve with the changing retail landscape.

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