Five Ways to Reduce Returns

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5 Ways to Reduce Returns - SalesWarp

It’s hard to avoid the cost of returns. Maybe your customer’s recently purchased shirt didn’t fit how she’d like or another customer had to cancel an order that had a delayed delivery. Sometimes these situations can be out of your control but having too many returns can create a nightmare for your business from diminished profits and poor customer reviews.

Next year, we can expect delivery costs for returns in the U.S are expected to reach over 550 billion!

Having a dynamic Order Management Software can reduce your returns by optimizing your sales channels to deliver the best possible experience – you can try it out here.

Check out how some tools of an order management software can lower your return rate and improve your business!

Create Better Product Descriptions

Help your customers find the right product for them by creating high-detailed and consistent product descriptions. Many customers end up buying products that don’t suit their needs due to generic or incorrect product information. Import high-quality images, descriptions, and accurate details that will make your product easily searchable for the right customer.

Switch to a Product Management Tool that can allow you to easily edit product information across all of your sales channels. With quality product information you can help your customer’s make the right decision for a product and creating fewer returns in the process.

Have a Clear Returns Policy

Creating a simple return policy can be your saving grace from a bad customer review. This may not help reduce the volumes of returns but can increase conversions if your customers are informed before checking out their cart. 92% of surveyed consumers said they would buy a product again if the return process was easy (Invesp). So having one return from a consumer isn’t the end of the world.

You should explain in your return policy whether , whether returns are free, and any other requirements that comply to your specific market. Make sure your returns policy is accessible at every customer touchpoint can help customers make the decision to either return or not.

On-time Delivery

Waiting longer than usual for a package is never an ideal situation. Many customers will cancel their orders after it’s been shipped due to slow delivery times which can be a costly expense and lead to low customer reviews.

Adopting a faster delivery system can reduce the chances of cancellations and can lead to a better customer experience by exceeding expectations. Learn how you can speed up your delivery times here.

Order Fulfillment Software

How many times have you ordered something and received the wrong product? Probably once or twice, this is a common mistake that many retailers make when they have an outdated order fulfillment system that can’t keep up with customer demands. Nearly a quarter of returns are from retailers shipping the wrong product (Chain Store Age).

This can easily be prevented by switching to a fully automated Order Fulfillment Software that can help streamline your operations including your pick, pack, and shipping process. By using an automated system you are guaranteed significantly fewer errors and easily keep track of orders.

Reliable Customer Service

Keeping in touch with customers throughout the buying process can make a difference in whether the buyer will return the product. By either using a live chat feature or social media, addressing your customer’s question and concerns will build trust in your product and grow confident in their buying decision.

SalesWarp’s Customer Service Portal allows you to maintain contact with customer’s beyond throughout the buying process and can provide detailed order histories and an enhanced ticket system, creating a better customer experience.