Fixing gaps in your customer data

Industry Insight

With more retailers pursuing ominchannel approaches to eCommerce operations, the shift to a customer-centric model of retail has never been more important. Omnichannel is founded on the basis of customer convenience – if a physical store is closed, then customers will buy online or via their mobile devices. As such, it's critical that store owners understand what makes their customers ticks so they can better cater to their needs.

Unfortunately for many merchants, this understanding of consumers may not be as accurate as they'd desire.

Tools such as SalesWarp can help you get your data under control.

Experian QAS recently conducted a survey that found a substantial number of retailers not only struggle in their collection and maintenance of data, but also in ensuring its accuracy.

Respondents estimated that approximately 28 percent of their customer data was not accurate for one reason or another, while 41 percent said they had trouble maintaining the accuracy needed to run daily operations, such as marketing, product selection and other related retail tasks. This illustrates the need for eCommerce software that can be integrated with retail operations to consolidate and maintain information across channels.

The use of information remains central to the success of the omnichannel retail approach, and as such, many retailers are actively striving to mend their data inaccuracies. Ninety-three percent of retailers responded that customer profiling remains important to their overall business strategy, and as such, 69 percent plan to invest in improving the quality of their customer data over the next 12 months.

With greater investments in analytics and customer data platforms, merchants hope to make better use of this data to inform shopper profiles and marketing programs, monitor live customer behavior on eCommerce websites and build out their loyalty initiatives. Of course, shopper data can be used in additional ways, but these should be the central focal points moving forward.

SalesWarp for your data needs
If you, like many other merchants out there, are having trouble with your data consolidation and management, tools such as SalesWarp can help. It's your job to serve your customers, and that task has grown more complex now that these people are demanding greater flexibility in service without the loss of relevance on your end.

SalesWarp consolidates all your customer data from a variety of sales channels, which helps provide you with the information you require to quickly handle all of their needs. Whether you're trying to create a triggered email marketing campaign or improve shopping cart conversion rates, having the right data about your customers is the first step in this process.

On top of that, SalesWarp is a multi-faceted piece of eCommerce software and can help your retail operations in other ways. In addition to better data, SalesWarp can help with everything from order and warehouse management to product and storefront management, making it an effective all-in-one solution.