Omnichannel White Paper: Mastering Omnichannel Choreography

Industry Insight

Multichannel retailing uses a number of sales channels to engage customers and move product. Channels may include brick and mortar stores, e-commerce, third-party marketplaces, catalogs, mobile commerce, and/or applications. In multichannel retailing, these sales channels rarely overlap, they lack integration, and the customer experience may not be consistent across all channels. As customers increasingly move across channels to complete a purchase, retailers face a new set of operational challenges.

Today’s consumer doesn’t see channels. She sees your company and wants to shop in a way that’s convenient for her. She wants to know inventory availability of an item, whether she’s online or in-store. She demands the same level of customer service and support regardless of sales channel and she expects a consistent brand message. This requires an omnichannel strategy.

With strong interest in omnichannel retailing, many retailers are working to understand and implement an omnichannel strategy. What defines omnichannel retailing and how does it meet the demand of today’s consumer? This omnichannel white paper will demystify omnichannel retailing, explain why it is important, and show how the right omnichannel strategy can greatly improve operations and accelerate growth for your business.


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