NEW FEATURE: Product Location Manager added to SalesWarp Enterprise Inventory Management

Product Updates

To meet the needs of our client, we recently developed a new inventory management feature for SalesWarp ENTERPRISE that assigns a precise location to each product. GearHead, one of the largest online retailers of OEM and aftermarket parts for ATVs, motorcycles, snowmobiles and dirt bikes, manages a product catalog of over 1.5 million SKUs. They needed a system that would identify a product’s location to a specific warehouse, building, room, type, row and shelf.

SalesWarp’s new Product Location Manager assigns a location barcode to a product, with up to a five levels of specification. Upon receiving product shipments or moving inventory to a new location, warehouse managers are able to assign a specific location barcode to products manually or with a barcode scanner.  Each barcode contains location categories such as warehouse name, building, room, row and shelf. Each category corresponds to a section of the barcode, with 0 to 3 values in 5 sections.

For example, the following location:

Warehouse: East(123); Building: Receiving(456); Room: 18; Row: 152; Shelf: 8

would have a location barcode: $%123.456.18.152.8


Product Location Manager Categories

With SalesWarp ENTERPRISE, these location categories can be completely customized to fit the needs of any inventory management system.  The location barcode is differentiated from the product’s SKU barcode with unique characters preceding the numbers.

If inventory is moved to a different location, a new location barcode can be assigned to the product. Location information is viewable on pick tickets and purchase orders, and keeps product data consistent across multiple processes from inventory receiving to order shipment.


Product Location Manger

All current and future SalesWarp ENTERPRISE users will have access to the Product Location Manager feature. We will continue to add new features and update existing features to provide multichannel merchants with one system from which to manage order, inventory, product, supplier, warehouse and customer information. Please contact us to find out how SalesWarp can easily manage large product catalogs and streamline eCommerce operations.