Unit and Lot Code Systems: The Key to Inventory Control

Unit and Lot Code Systems: The Key to Inventory ControlUnit and lot code systems (UALS) provide a clear, organized approach to managing and tracking inventory at all levels- from pallets to individual items and parts. UALS streamlines inventory counts, simplifies tracking, and improves inventory traceability, allowing warehouse teams to manage stock with precision. 


What is a Unit and Lot Code System? 

Unit and Lot Code System is a solution that boosts the operational efficiency of your warehouse. This system enables precise management of stock quantities and allows for real-time updates of stock levels. With the incorporation of detailed lot, batch, serial number, and expiration date tracking, UALS enhances product traceability and supports efficient recall and quality control processes. 


Simplified Serialization with Unit and Lot Code Systems

Lot code tracking allows you to link expiration dates, batch codes, system codes, and other necessary information to units of inventory. SalesWarp’s UALS makes inventory management easier, allowing you to build individual systems of units for products, from pallets to cartons, sleeves, and more. This customizable approach helps you match inventory specifications to match your needs. 

SalesWarp’s UALS supports serial number scanning, too! Allowing users to tie serial numbers to specific units of inventory. For example, if you have 10 coffee machines, simply scanning each machine and its serial number enables you to track them within the warehouse. This detailed level of tracking makes locating specific units of products fast, which is helpful with returns management, product recalls, and overall quality control. 


Efficient Inventory Breakdown with Unit and Lot Code Systems

UALS streamlines the breakdown or dissolving of inventory into smaller units while clearing out old stock. Instead of scanning individual units, users can scan the pallet, prompting the system to initiate the breakdown process. This ensures seamless integration of the breakdown into the system, complete with important details such as lot codes, expiration dates, and serialization information. 


Key Features 

Hierarchical Inventory Management: Enables inventory tracking at multiple levels (pallets, cartons, sleeves, pods) for flexible and precise inventory control. 

Lot and Serial Number Tracking: Enhances product traceability with unique identifiers for batches and individual items, crucial for quality control and recall management. 

Expiration Date Tracking: Enables management of perishable goods by tracking expiration dates, which is crucial for maintaining product quality and safety. 

Instant Unit Breakdown: Allows for quick decomposition of larger units into smaller components, streamlining inventory updates and reducing manual effort. 

Customizable Product Codes: Supports unique product codes or additional SKUs for different unit levels, enabling quick identification and inventory processing by its packaging level. 

Real-Time Inventory Visibility: Offers immediate access to inventory levels and locations, aiding in accurate replenishment, picking, and packing tasks.  

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