Omnichannel Retail Dramatically Complicates Order Management

Order Management

As the retail industry grows and changes, it’s imperative retailers keep up with fundamental marketplace shifts. One such key marketplace dynamic is omnichannel retailing. Omnichannel retailing means providing a seamless, continuous customer experience across any device or location a customer wishes to shop from. Customers now expect, even demand, a seamless and consistent shopping experience — whether they are walking into a physical store, browsing a retailer’s website on their iPad, or using a smartphone to shop online. Omnichannel retailing adds complexity to an already complex retail system.

With omnichannel commerce demands, retailers also face two significant challenges: 1.) rising shipping costs and 2.) an exponentially more complicated returns process. Today’s shoppers expect free or discounted shipping, and fast delivery options. They also expect an easy and expeditious returns process. For retailers, without the right systems and technology in place, the returns and exchange process can quickly become a nightmare.

Let’s talk through a scenario. Retailer A sells on six different channels, and each channel has five returns/exchanges a week; that retailer now has thirty returns/exchanges per week to process. Keeping track of where each return came from and where it needs to go just got exponentially more difficult. We haven’t even accounted for the extra shipping charges incurred by the retailer to process these returns. Then, there’s also the potential cost relating to how long it takes for that returned item to be put back on sale. Now, imagine as a retailer, trying to manage this entire process manually, using several disparate systems. It’s nearly impossible!

Today, many retailers are ill-equipped to support complex cross-channel fulfillment offerings. They can significantly simplify their retail operations by using an omnichannel solution like SalesWarp. SalesWarp’s order management system handles returns and exchanges easily and efficiently, giving retailers more time to do what they do best … growing their business and serving their customers. Additionally, SalesWarp enables merchants to find the lowest shipping costs, through a tool within the software called rate ship, saving retailers time and money on shipping costs. From there, merchants can track every step of the order status, from unfulfilled to complete.

Consumers demand a consistent shopping experience, regardless of the channel. Retailers that do not adapt to the changing retail marketplace risk falling behind. Are you interested in learning about a better way to handle the complexities of your omnichannel operations? Do you want to gain a competitive advantage? SalesWarp can help. Tell us more about your business and the challenges you are facing. We’d love to chat!