Responding to the expectation of same-day shipping

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Retail is a competitive sector, and the growth of eCommerce has only amplified that element. Merchants are now in a position where they must react to industry trends in order to stay in line with customer expectations. Same-day delivery has quickly become the latest battleground for merchants.

Amazon extends same-day delivery

Like many trends in the retail industry, Amazon is one of the front runners for the same-day delivery push. As was reported earlier this year, Amazon began offering same-day delivery in some key high-population cities in the United States. Now, the online retailer has extended the service to six more cities – Baltimore, Dallas, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, New York City and Washington D.C.

“With more than a million eligible items, we aim to offer the largest same-day selection at the lowest price.”

“New convenient pricing also allows Prime members to fill up their same-day shopping cart with everything they may need for one low price,” explained Greg Greeley, vice president of Amazon Prime. “With more than a million eligible items, we aim to offer the largest same-day selection at the lowest price.”

Logistics has been a focus point for many online retailers, simply because expensive delivery fees or long shipment delays may discourage people from shopping. Retailers like Amazon are pushing the issue by offering services such as same-day delivery in major metropolitan areas.

Responding to Changing Trends

So, what does that mean for merchants? Many don’t have the order fulfillment capabilities to offer same-day shipping as Amazon does. However, they do have to assess their logistics provisions critically and find ways to expedite the process to ensure the wait time isn’t prolonged.

Of course, there are other options as well. If retailers do not have the resources to offer same-day delivery or if it’s too expensive to provide faster shipping options, they may want to consider in-store pickup instead.

In a competitive industry such as retail, it’s important merchants react quickly to changes in customer expectations.

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