Retailers gear up for Easter

Industry Insight

Seasonal holidays and events can be major boons for retailers if they organize their eCommerce operations to take advantage of them. By carrying the right products for the right holiday, merchants may see a subtle lift in sales that will set them up for achieving end-of-the-year goals.

Earlier this month, many merchants embraced St. Patrick’s Day, which has turned into a second Halloween of sorts for retailers as they sell clothing and party decorations to shoppers the end of this week is another holiday that could spur additional business if merchants are able to position their inventory around it: Easter.

A report from the National Retail Federation (NRF) suggests that Americans will spend upward of $17.2 billion on Easter candy, decor, apparel, food and other related goods and merchandise. Per shopper, that translates into $145.13 – a pretty penny for any retailer that plans promotions and stocks seasonal items for the holiday.

“As spring weather rolls in, consumers will find affordable ways to spruce up their homes and wardrobes, just in time for visiting family and friends this Easter holiday,” explains NRF president Matthew Shay. “Retailers are already lining their shelves with specials on chocolates, warm-weather apparel and even gardening tools and outdoor furniture.”

As Shay notes, for many shoppers, Easter is an excuse to have a spring shopping spree. The majority of people are spending money on new clothing (48.4 percent) for both themselves and their children. Other expenses include Easter candy, flowers and decorations.

Merchants should use all the information available to them to decide which products will be big-sellers in the run-up to Easter. This will enable retailers to prepare for the holiday and better target prospective buyers. Our eCommerce software is ideal for retailers to manage this inventory and identify shopping trends when it comes to these types of seasonal events.