SalesWarp Integrates With Bigcommerce

Product Updates

At the 2015 Shop.Org Digital Summit, we announced that with the latest release of SalesWarp 2.8.1, we now have a Bigcommerce store connector. Bigcommerce is a popular, cloud-based, eCommerce platform for fast-growing brands. These new features allow Bigcommerce users to update products, fulfill orders and process shipments from within SalesWarp.

Bigcommerce logo

The Bigcommerce store connector provides retailers with cost and time-to-market advantages. Retailers are now able to pull orders from Bigcommerce into SalesWarp, and fulfill them with dropshipping or a pick-pack-ship process in their own warehouse. Setting up your Bigcommerce store in SalesWarp is easy. Check out the video below to learn more:

SalesWarp’s Product Sync pulls in basic product data, including name, SKU, price, description, images, and quantity, and then syncs Bigcommerce products with products in SalesWarp. This makes cross-channel inventory management a breeze. Now Bigcommerce users can sell the same product on Amazon, Ebay and their own website without fear of overselling. SalesWarp pushes inventory updates for synced products to Bigcommerce, and updates orders with shipment tracking details. Finally, SalesWarp pushes order cancellation information to Bigcommerce. We’ve also made it easy to format your products in SalesWarp for easy import into Bigcommerce using our Product Data Feed Templates.

To see the full release notes for all the 2.8.1 features, click here.

Are you a retailer spending a lot of time on manually updating your product information? Have you outgrown your systems for fulfilling orders? It may be time to consider a new order management system. A single, complete, scalable software solution like SalesWarp ensures information is updated in real-time during every phase, from product listing to order fulfillment, regardless of channel. And now, with our Bigcommerce store connector, we can help retailers grow BIG!