SalesWarp Helps Retailers Speed Up Delivery Times By Leveraging Store Inventory

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SalesWarp helps retailers take omnichannel to new heights by simplifying order fulfillment from their stores

BALTIMORE, MD – SALESWARP, a leading provider of omnichannel management software, will be unveiling the latest release of its cloud-based software at the National Retail Federation’s The BIG Show 2016 in New York City. SalesWarp continues to develop innovative solutions that help retailers drive omnichannel growth, and will be highlighting enterprise add-on tools, which include in-store fulfillment, distributed order management, and warehouse management. These tools connect online and physical operations so retailers can meet their customers’ omnichannel demands by leveraging store inventory.

“Most retail organizations today are under a lot of pressure to create really good omnichannel experiences,” said SalesWarp CEO and Founder, David Potts. “By taking advantage of SalesWarp’s omnichannel management software, retailers can connect their online presence with their store operations, implement in-store fulfillment, and provide a seamless experience for the customer.”

SalesWarp’s In-Store Fulfillment tools help clients with leveraging store inventory to deliver online orders faster and more cost-effectively. With these tools, retailers will be able to take the customer experience to the next level by enabling in-store fulfillment at all store locations. This delivers seamless order fulfillment, translating into improved order productivity and enhanced customer service levels.

“With SalesWarp’s core functionality, retailers at every level can keep pace with today’s empowered and highly connected shoppers,” said David Anderson, SalesWarp’s Vice President of Marketing. “With our enterprise add-on tools, these retailers can now connect all of the systems critical to their retail operations, unify data, and deliver a seamless brand experience.”

SalesWarp will demonstrate its latest software release to BIG Show 2016 attendees, along with a key customer success story from Zumiez. The release adds new features, improves performance, and offers even greater ease-of-use. Key updates include:

  • Advanced order routing based on geolocation, store priority, store scheduler, lowest cost, fastest shipping, and inventory availability. Retailers will have high-level visibility into order routing and order status.
  • In-store interface. In-store associates and managers will have visibility into all orders assigned to the store for shipping or for pick-up and a three step pick and pack process to prepare the order for delivery.
  • Omnichannel operations. Retailers will have the ability to change routing preferences during times of peak order volume.
  • Integration with eBay’s 3PL global shipping program.
  • Direct shipping integrations with FedEx and UPS.

Retailers attending the BIG Show can schedule a personal product demo of SalesWarp’s Omnichannel Management Software in advance, or stop by Booth 1045 anytime to meet with our omnichannel advisors. The EXPO floor will be open on Sunday, January 17th from 10 am to 3 pm, Monday, January 18th from 9 am to 5 pm and Tuesday, January 19th from 9 am to 5 pm.

About SalesWarp
SALESWARP is a distributed order management software designed for retailers at every stage of growth. As the engine for omnichannel selling and fulfillment, SalesWarp provides global visibility of real-time inventory, orders, and customer purchase history from one centralized hub. With intelligent business logic, SalesWarp helps retailers manage operations and data more efficiently across the organization. Unmatched in scalability and performance, SalesWarp’s cloud-based software gives retailers the ability to meet both current and future customer demands, while optimizing operations to drive business growth.

About Retail’s BIG Show
Retail’s Big Show 2016 is expected to draw more than 33,000 attendees at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City, January 17-19. NRF’s annual event brings together the world’s top retailers, their business partners, media, and thousands of retail professionals. The EXPO includes more than 540 exhibitors showcasing groundbreaking solutions and retail technology.