SalesWarp Launches Newly Redesigned Website

Product Updates

We are very excited to announce the launch of our newly redesigned website. What you’ll see is a focus on a cleaner, more modern design, easy-to-navigate functionality, and a content-rich experience. The redesign also marks an evolution for SalesWarp – from order management to omnichannel management software for retailers of all sizes. In this day and age of the hyper-connected shopper, we are truly focused on helping retailers deliver the omnichannel strategy that best fits their organization and their customer’s needs.

Some of the big changes you’ll see with the redesign:

1. More Visually – Appealing– As you can see right off the bat, the site has much more visual impact. With the large amounts of content we publish, we felt it crucial to improve the visual experience and make it more inviting to view and read.

2. Retailer Personas – Over the past year, we’ve learned that SalesWarp helps four different types of retailers. So what we’ve done is created four different personas that define these retailer types of varying sizes and needs. Now, visitors to the site can self-identify with a specific retailer persona, and quickly get the information they need regarding SalesWarp’s solutions and services best suited for them.

3. Improved FREE Trial Sign-Up Process – Another thing you’ve noticed if you’ve been on our site the past couple of months is a new 30-day FREE trial offer for smaller retailers. We’ve improved this sign-up process, making for quicker and easier registration and ultimately, a speedier learning curve for retailers in getting to know whether our system is a good fit for them.

4. Resources – Another big area we focused on with this redesign is how we present the resources and content we are constantly creating for your reference. We have combined our industry news articles with our blog to make it more concise and easier to get the types of information you seek regarding retail, ecommerce operations, order management, etc.

5. Personal Approach – As you read through the site, I hope you’ll notice a much more personal tone to our voice. We want to develop customer relationships that are personable and real so we can deliver the best customer service possible. Only then we will meet your expectations and desired results.

6. Navigation – Like we mentioned above, we wanted to make the site architecture easier to navigate, with a clearer site organization.

You’ll find our new site is divided into five main sections:
• How We Can Help (Features and Implementation)
• Solutions (Emerging, Small, Medium, Enterprise)
• Partners (Request Information About How To Become A Partner)
• Resources (FAQ’s, White Papers, Success Stories, Blog, Knowledge Base, Media)
• Get Started (Create Your Account and SignUp for a FREE 30-day Trial)

So as you check out the site later this week, you’ll begin to understand why retailers select SalesWarp as their omnichannel partner. SalesWarp has faster time-to-market implementation, a lower cost of ownership, more configurable options, and all with unlimited scalability and performance.

Give us your feedback on the new website. We also invite you to connect with us on our various social media channels – LinkedIn and Twitter.

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