Sled Through the Holiday Season at Warp Speed

Order Management

As online shopping accounts for more and more of total consumer holiday spending with each passing year, the need for merchants to successfully manage product inventory, order, and fulfillment operations intensifies right alongside. For many retailers, it’s make-or-break time, and for most of the rest a strong holiday sales performance means the difference between a great year overall, or one that’s mediocre at best.

A retailer may have systems in place which function adequately to support the rate of customer demand during most of the year. But these same systems can easily fall behind in one or more critical areas when holiday shopping fever begins taking hold – just when it’s time for stores to capitalize on lucrative but fleeting sales opportunities.

Miss an order because your shopping cart bogs down and a frustrated customer simply clicks away. Overlook an item available in inventory, due to lack of real-time visibility, and lose a sale. Fail to deliver a gift order before the holiday as promised, and evoke the customer’s wrath. As the old seafarer’s saying goes, “The chain is only as strong as its weakest link.” Every type of missed opportunity or avoidable error that leads to dissatisfied customers during the off-season only becomes magnified and exacerbated during the fast-paced, high-stakes environment of holiday shopping.

The opportunity to win new customers that comes with the holidays can just as easily result in “never-to-repeat” customers. That is, unless inventory, order, and fulfillment capabilities which are sufficient for slower sales periods also have the built-in horsepower to ramp up when called upon. And that’s the beauty of SalesWarp.

Our cloud-based software solution which fortifies all key facets of inventory, order, and fulfillment, enables even the smallest retailers to punch above their weight class. With a rock-solid, battle-tested platform, full of redundancy and security features to ensure 24/7 uptime — no matter what the clammering keyboards of Christmas shoppers armed with credit cards and ready to buy now can muster – SalesWarp nimbly executes every possible sale, every time, and delivers the package to the right chimney top, at the lowest cost.

Now’s the time for all good retailers to prepare their sleds for a smooth ride through the holiday season. Let SalesWarp show you how you can avoid bottlenecks in your inventory, order and fulfillment operations, and focus more on delivering holiday joy to your customers and to your bottom line.