The perks of selling on eBay

Industry Insight

When the web was still young, the only way you could sell goods to others was by opening your own eCommerce websites. For existing companies and brands, this wasn't a hassle, but for entrepreneurs just getting off the ground, opening an eCommerce website was a significant hurdle.

Fortunately, websites such as eBay have cropped up over the years, allowing small-time merchants and young retail brands to gain footing on an established commerce platform. Although creating an independent website has grown tremendously easier over the years, eBay still remains a valuable asset for merchants wanting to maximize their reach and win over new customers.

As Practical eCommerce recently noted, owning an eBay store has a number of perks – most notably in terms of reduced fees. For instance, merchants with eBay Stores subscriptions will pay no insertion fees on up to 2,500 total listing per month, which can save (depending on how many items are sold monthly) thousands of dollars per year.

By using eBay stores, you can get your brand off the ground on one of the most popular websites on the internet. According to data from comScore, eBay is visited by more than 100 million Americans each and every month, making it a top internet destination and providing young startups with a significant built-in audience.

As entrepreneurs eCommerce operations expand, they can roll their eBay stores into their broader retail empire. ECommerce software such as SalesWarp can be used to consolidate product, order and customer data from a variety of retail platforms, including eBay, Amazon and even your own webstore.