The Two-Way Street of SalesWarp Innovation

Industry Insight

If you want to know how good the tacos are at a particular food truck you pass by every day — without shelling out the money and taking your chances first – chances are good you might check out the buzz on a customer review site like Yelp. Why not, right? It only makes sense.

Here at SalesWarp, we’re big believers in the value of customer feedback and reviews. We constantly listen for insights from our users’ unique experiences with the SalesWarp solution, as we continually innovate the product to help retailers thrive and succeed in a dynamic marketplace.

That’s why we’re unashamedly proud of so many of the kudos we have received on software review sites like Capterra from retailers who have deployed SalesWarp and rapidly realized returns on their investment through streamlined workflows, improved customer service, and greater profitability.

“SalesWarp has been a tremendous help in the evolution of our eCommerce environment,” an owner of one of the largest paintball equipment suppliers in the country recently wrote. “As our sales channels grow and new channels are added, the entire system becomes more robust … Not only has SalesWarp been a very stable system but continues to evolve and become more and more innovative with every release.”

Yes, we blush with pride when we hear such praise!

We also recently came across this post from a smaller retailer, and took a moment to enjoy the satisfaction of having helped launch a business to the next stage of success, to the point they felt moved to publicly state their appreciation for our innovations: “The software as a whole is an incredible time-saver, and the feature set is unique.”

We at SalesWarp love pets, and therefore the people who provide pets with the products that keep them healthy and happy. That’s why this recommendation from a retailer in the market sector whom we helped to automate order and inventory processes warmed our hearts:

“We lost thousands of dollars in sales and on development working with other solutions,” the pet supply retail executive said. “SalesWarp’s account management, operations, and technology are top-notch … As a result, we can finally automate frequent inventory syncs across several channels, including marketplaces and other branded sites … Our business finally has the required architecture that is scalable, affordable, and most of all, offers enterprise-like functionality.”

We read the above success story and sit back in our chairs for a moment, savoring the image of so many pooches, kitties, and goldfish ensconced safely in their homes, chewing on rawhide toys delivered on time as promised, clawing on competitively priced scratching posts, swimming through the perfect underwater ceramic castle …

Then we snap back to the job at hand and get to work creating even more innovative features and powerful, time-saving tools that allow retailers to make the world better (and more profitable) one chewy toy, one paintball gun at a time.

Meanwhile, we’ll be listening for our customer’s suggestions and ideas, because innovation at SalesWarp is a two-way street.