Updated Feature: Product Listing Tool

Product Updates

Omni channel retailers need to be organized. The typical omni channel retailer sells on multiple sales channels (Magento, Amazon, eBay, Brick-and-Mortar) and fulfills orders from multiple locations (Warehouse, Drop Shipper, In-Store). With operations spread out over all these different areas, an omni channel retailer’s biggest asset is one system to manage it all. One system means one screen from which to view all orders from every order source, all inventory across every location, every product for sale across each channel, and all customers no matter where they are purchasing.

As part of SalesWarp’s 2.7 release, SalesWarp has updated the visibility of active and in-active products in a retailer’s product catalog across every store. Now the user can view product quantity for sale and selling price on each store without diving into an individual product page. Simply click the stores tab from the product menu to view the entire product catalog for every store integrated with SalesWarp. For each product, the user has an option to list the product to a store or simply add to all stores.

Product listing tools

Upon adding to a store, SalesWarp will ask for the quantity and price for selling particular products on the store. If selling on Amazon and eBay, the user simply selects the template that will map SalesWarp attributes to the required attributes of that marketplace. With those simple steps, the product becomes activated and available for sale.

Product listing tools

SalesWarp’s search and sort tools are available with this feature as well, allowing the user to easily find specific, active, or in-active products or view all products only for the selected store(s).

Product listing tools

With one screen, retailers can increase their visibility across channels while reducing the number of steps needed to list a product online and accelerating time-to-market. The 2.7 release of SalesWarp ENTERPRISE is now available to new customers, and existing customers have the option of adding the new 2.7 features.

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