Using Order Management to Deliver a Unified Brand Experience

Order Management

You’ve worked hard to develop a specific mission and style for your online shop. As a retailer, your brand matters – it’s what connects you to your customers and provides the consistency that they look for when they shop with you. Clients come back because they like the experience you’ve provided and they trust that same experience will happen each time they shop with you.

With your online store, how you present the products and information on your website is only half of the branded experience you strive to provide, however. Today’s consumers want to be able to shop on their terms, using different avenues to reach you and your products. With the right order management software, you can create a unified brand experience for your customers to shop on regardless of which method they use.

Take your branded experience to the next level with advanced order management

You know by now how product management software helps you create a brand for your web store. By adding the order management component of a comprehensive omnichannel program, you take that branded experience to the next level by unifying the products, inventory and services you offer your customers into “one store”, regardless of the channel they’re using.

With advanced order management software, you can combine every order from all of your sales channels, whether it’s your own online shop, your eBay account, or your Amazon store, and put them in one, easy-to-use dashboard. Order management software also allows the retailer to connect to every fulfillment option, including warehouses, drop shippers, third-party logistics (3PLs) like Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and even your physical stores to ensure consistent branding on all shipments from all sources. This also means your customers receive their orders faster, by whatever fulfillment option she chooses.

Not only is each channel integrated into one place software system for you, it helps to provide consistency for your customers from any venue. Shoppers can place an order with you from any Web store and can expect the process to be completed in the same way. They know that however they choose to shop your store, they are getting the fulfillment guarantee that makes your brand valuable.

The benefit of providing options to your shoppers

What it all comes down to is allowing you to give your customers choices without adding more work for you. Integrated order management software connects all of your payment options and available shipping accounts for you. This lets customers pay how they want to pay and see what their delivery options are. They can choose a more affordable shipper, a faster delivery date or in-store pickup, depending on what is available to meet their needs. With the right software, these options are automatically generated for them, so you don’t have to track down the information your clients are looking for.

Customers are more likely to return and shop with you when they have options. They aren’t limited by a lack of offerings from your company, so they have fewer reasons to ever look elsewhere for their ordering needs.

Order management software can provide all of these valuable options while staying uniquely on brand. These programs can automatically generate emails with tracking and shipping information directly to your customers. Create one easy email template that will be sent to your customers who shop from any channel, in your voice, representing your store. With one program, you can provided a universal, unparalleled customer service experience to your shoppers, making a number of channels feel like one branded store that they are happy to go back to again and again.