Zoey Launches B2B Order Portal Theme



Most B2B businesses are increasingly looking at ways to leverage online commerce to become more efficient and streamline their sales. That’s why SalesWarp partnered some time ago with Zoey, a SaaS-based eCommerce solution that makes it easier to transact online.

Zoey has long provided the tools to build a complete eCommerce website, but some companies don’t require or want a full website to manage those sales. In some cases, they’re searching for a simple, streamlined order capture system to make it easier to solicit and process orders from their customers. Zoey’s tools have allowed for this since the beginning, but the existing themes were designed with a full website in mind.

To that end, Zoey has launched a B2B Order Portal theme, which aims to assist merchants in the following ways:


  • Leverage Zoey’s proven B2B capabilities to simplify order placement by merchants
  • Streamline the catalog to make it easy to find items and add to a cart in bulk
  • Reduce the amount of effort needed to get order capture up and running


Let’s take a closer look at each of these items.


Simplify Order Placement

Zoey’s B2B and wholesale capabilities offer merchants a number of ways to facilitate order placement, and our new theme highlights some of those capabilities prominently:


  • Advanced Quick Order makes it easy for customers to enter SKUs and quantities they need for a given order. This is particularly helpful for customers who tend to repeat order items regularly. A merchant can pre-populate the form with common SKUs and quantities to offer customers a jump-start. Customers can also paste in data from a comma-separated value file (CSV) with SKU and quantities. Once the choices are entered, a customer can bulk-add to their cart.

Zoey B2B Order Portal Theme - Advanced Quick Order


  • Zoey’s recently launched Ordered Items screen allows customers to see in their My Account section a list of their most recently purchased SKUs for easy location and reordering. This is particularly helpful when a customer can’t remember a SKU or is having trouble locating an item in the catalog.


Ordered Items Screen


  • A My Catalog page allows customers to save their most important SKUs for easy discovery and ordering down the road. This can be helpful if a customer isn’t ready to purchase a SKU and wants to save it in a safe place for later. It can also be used for saving commonly-ordered SKUs for easy location later.


Streamline the Catalog


Zoey’s Table Category View puts the products available in an easy-to-scan table with the ability to view additional information. Unique to this theme is an expanded Quick View that puts the most important information available with a click and without leaving the catalog page. This makes a quick browse and buy capability simpler. You can enter quantities against multiple items from this screen and add all to the cart at the same time.

Table Category View


This format more mimics a B2B catalog, which is many times more comfortable for customers. A B2C presentation, which is more designed for browsing, proves overwhelming and unnecessary for many B2B businesses, and putting key information in a table view helps surface important information quickly, and allows for easy comparison of items.


Get Up and Running Quickly

Zoey’s B2B Order Portal Theme is designed to get merchants online to capture orders with minimum time investment. Zoey’s Visual Design Editor, a key part of the Zoey platform, allows for:


  • Easy manipulation of the theme to match a merchant’s brand, including setting a global font and color palette to match the brand




  • Simple ways to insert your brand’s logo and marketing assets such as photo sliders or content
  • A Content Management System (CMS) and What You See is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor for building pages and content such as sales policies, About Us, Contact Us and other types of pages, as well as a blog
  • Building blocks that make it easy to add elements to a page as needed, or edit what’s displayed, so merchants can present products in the most ideal way possible

A Complete Package

Zoey’s B2B eCommerce solutions include other great capabilities, all of which are compatible with the new theme, such as:


  • Access Restrictions: Determine who can see what: Hide pricing from guests, show products to only certain customer groups, and more
  • Customer Groups: Segment your customers to offer them different pricing, shipping, payment, catalog items, and content
  • Request a Quote: Allow customers to inquire about pricing for a particular order before purchasing – great for acquiring new customers, especially when your pricing model is proprietary information
  • Robust Analytics: Dig deep into what’s driving your eCommerce business so you can focus on what is making you a success


Zoey’s a fully-featured solution for B2B eCommerce businesses. Contact us to request a walkthrough and learn how Zoey can help your business.