Author: Imani Gibbs

Balancing Automation & Personalization in Retail

Retail has become increasingly standardized, with automated systems replacing human touchpoints at every turn. With the rise of eCommerce giants and the growing additions of self-service options, the relationship between customers and retailers has become more distant and transactional, leaving many consumers feeling disconnected. Understanding the Challenge The standardization brought by automated systems has undeniably […]

Customer Loyalty in the Age of the ‘Zero Consumer’

Customer loyalty is a nuanced concept. McKinsey and Company coined the term “zero consumers” to describe a new type of shopper – one with little patience, zero brand loyalty, and a strong preference for convenience.  SAP Emarsys’ 2023 Customer Loyalty Index survey shed light on the evolving landscape of customer loyalty. The survey, encompassing more […]

Should Retailers Embrace ‘Keep It’ Return Policies?

Returns have long been a headache for retailers, but a new approach is gaining traction – the ‘Keep It’ return policy. Unlike traditional policies, ‘Keep It’ allows customers to keep the item and receive a refund or credit. ‘Keep It’ policies prioritize customer convenience, especially for low-cost items, with 27% of surveyed retailers deeming products […]