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Customer Loyalty in the Age of the ‘Zero Consumer’

Customer loyalty is a nuanced concept. McKinsey and Company coined the term “zero consumers” to describe a new type of shopper – one with little patience, zero brand loyalty, and a strong preference for convenience.  SAP Emarsys’ 2023 Customer Loyalty Index survey shed light on the evolving landscape of customer loyalty. The survey, encompassing more […]

Should Retailers Embrace ‘Keep It’ Return Policies?

Returns have long been a headache for retailers, but a new approach is gaining traction – the ‘Keep It’ return policy. Unlike traditional policies, ‘Keep It’ allows customers to keep the item and receive a refund or credit. ‘Keep It’ policies prioritize customer convenience, especially for low-cost items, with 27% of surveyed retailers deeming products […]

8 Powerful Seasonal Promotion Strategies

As the seasons change, so do the opportunities for your brand to shine. Explore 8 powerful seasonal promotions to achieve just that. From creating product guides to offering free gifts and referral rewards, we delve into various techniques that will not only boost your customer base but also elevate your brand’s visibility.  Create a Product […]