Industry Leader Active Ride Shop Selects SalesWarp for Omnichannel Order Management


SalesWarp Unifies Brand Experience for Active Ride Shop Customers

BALTIMORE, MD – Active Ride Shop has deployed SalesWarp’s Omnichannel Order Management and Warehouse solution as the engine to power its growing business. The SalesWarp solution drives efficiency improvements for Active Ride Shop and provides a better experience for its customers.

Established in 1989, Active Ride Shop is a top retailer in the action sports industry, with 30 retail stores and an ecommerce site. In addition to its own Active brand, it carries premier brands of skateboards, snowboards, accessories, and activewear apparel. Teaming with SalesWarp, Active Ride Shop has enhanced its omnichannel capabilities, streamlined warehouse operations, and improved the shopping experience for customers across all channels.

Active Ride Shop optimizes warehouse operations with SalesWarp’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) for an efficient pick, pack, and ship process. This advanced warehouse technology, enabled by fully integrated tablets and barcode scanners, allows employees to quickly locate products, easily pack orders, and rapidly execute shipping processes.

“One of our key business imperatives is to evolve our omnichannel capabilities. We selected SalesWarp to help us improve order processing, streamline warehouse operations, accelerate fulfillment, and reduce shipping costs,” said Tim Katz, CMO of Active Ride Shop. “With these improvements, we can offer customers more options and a better overall shopping experience.”

With this deployment, Active Ride Shop also integrated their ecommerce store with SalesWarp. This integration allows them to consolidate their ecommerce operations. All customer service requests created online are pushed into SalesWarp, providing consolidated customer and order data. This data visibility makes for a more efficient customer service process, ultimately, improving the customer experience.

“We are excited to be working with Active Ride Shop and their dedicated team,” said David Potts, SalesWarp’s CEO and Founder. “Leading brands and retailers are using omnichannel as a strategic advantage. With SalesWarp’s technology, Active Ride Shop enhances its omnichannel capabilities by creating an integrated shopping experience that connects customers with the products they want across every step of their shopping journey.”

SalesWarp provides retailers with a powerful, cloud-based order management software that delivers advanced automation, system-wide data visibility, and real-time response. With SalesWarp, retailers can manage cross-channel inventory, automate order fulfillment, consolidate customer profiles, and unify product data through a user-friendly, centralized system.

About SalesWarp

SALESWARP is a distributed order management solution designed for retailers at every stage of growth. As the premier engine for omnichannel selling and fulfillment, with built-in business logic, SalesWarp helps retailers manage operations and data more efficiently across their entire organization. Unmatched in scalability and performance, SalesWarp’s cloud-based software gives retailers the ability to meet both current and future customer demand, while optimizing operations to drive business growth and profitability.