SalesWarp ENTERPISE and Volusion Are Now Fully Integrated

Product Updates

VolusionRecently, a potential client approached us with a project. They knew we were the right fit for their business – scalable, flexible, and providing functionality for managing multiple online stores and warehouses from one system. However, they were using Volusion, a shopping cart we did not have an integration for…yet. The client agreed to work with us if we were able to integrate SalesWarp ENTERPRISE with their Volusion store.

For the most part, shopping cart integrations are relatively similar. What changes from platform to platform is how their API is set up and what type of information can be easily accessed. For example, with Magento’s API, clients can edit or create new orders in SalesWarp and then update the order to Magento so that the customer can view the order from their account. With Volusion’s API you have to build custom code to do that, which we did, and now offer to all of our Volusion clients.

The API connection we have built will allow Volusion users to:

  • Automatically Import Orders into SalesWarp
  • View Payment Information of All Orders in SalesWarp
  • Check Status of All Orders in SalesWarp
  • Update & Provide Shipping Tracking Numbers to Volusion
  • Add or Remove Simple & Configurable Products in SalesWarp
  • Add or Update Store Categories in SalesWarp
  • Add or Remove Products from Store Categories in SalesWarp
  • Automatically Update Inventory Levels in Volusion
  • Arrange Store Categories in SalesWarp
  • View/Update Customer Information, Billing Information, and Shipping Information in SalesWarp

Users on the Volusion shopping cart have struggled with managing orders, purchase orders, drop shippers, and multiple shipments from Volusion. These are the most common issues that the SalesWarp integration has addressed for our Volusion clients:

  • Generating Purchase Orders for an Inventory or Drop-Ship Item
  • Creating Child Products
  • Shipping from Multiple Locations
  • Integrating Quickbooks
  • Printing Inventory Labels

Integration with a retailer’s Volusion store, warehouses and drop shippers allows merchants to do the following with SalesWarp:

  • Centralize Product Information for Consistency across Volusion and Sales Channels
  • Automate Order Processing and Order Management
  • Synchronize and Control Inventory with Real-Time Updates
  • Consolidate Customer Information including Order History, RMAs, and Customer Tickets
  • Automate Product Publishing to Volusion
  • Automate Purchase Order Generation and Manage Suppliers
  • Manage Multiple Shipments and Fulfillment from Multiple Warehouses

We will continue to integrate with leading shopping carts and marketplaces so we can offer retailers on all systems a quick implementation onto our omni-channel eCommerce management software. In the near future, we have plans to integrate with Big Commerce and Shopify.

As of today, integration with the Volusion shopping cart is only offered with the SalesWarp ENTERPRISE license. Please contact us to learn more about integrating your Volusion store with the SalesWarp eCommerce management software system to streamline operations.