SalesWarp Now A Technology Partner In The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network

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SalesWarp is pleased to announce its designation as a Standard Technology Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN).

BALTIMORE, MD – SALESWARP, a leading provider of commerce management software for retailers, has joined the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN) and achieved Standard Technology Partner status. Currently, SalesWarp helps retailers bridge the gap between the online and offline retail experience. With this new status, SalesWarp enhances its offerings to retail organizations by providing secure, high-performance, and cost-effective cloud-based solutions on the AWS network.

“As our clients’ order volumes continue to grow, we needed faster, on-demand scalability and selected Amazon Web Services for our cloud deployment,” said SalesWarp’s CEO and Founder David Potts. “SalesWarp is now fully deployed on AWS to meet our increased volume demands while maintaining the performance and security our clients require to manage mission-critical operations.”

Cloud computing has disrupted the traditional world of IT and has transformed the way companies do business. While many companies are transitioning workloads to a cloud-based platform, many retail companies are still in the early stages of experimentation with cloud-based services.

SalesWarp client, Craig Galloway, Owner of, explained: “Speed, reliability, access, and scalability are all computing challenges we face as a growing online retailer. These technological needs make having a partner like SalesWarp, who uses the AWS network, a preferred choice. Not only do we get a first-class, distributed system to help us grow our business, we get the peace of mind of not having to worry about managing any of the technology in house. I can’t imagine a more elegant, practical, time-saving solution.”

Many retailers are unsure how to address the challenges of omnichannel retail. SalesWarp solves these problems with an all-in-one, fully integrated commerce platform that empowers merchants to manage their entire business. With the SalesWarp solution, retailers have access to a powerful and flexible cloud-based commerce management system that delivers advanced automation, system-wide data visibility, and real-time performance to manage cross-channel inventory, customer information, and product data.

About SalesWarp
SALESWARP is commerce management software designed for retailers, whether they are small businesses needing their first order management system or enterprise retailers needing an omnichannel solution. Our software gives retailers a single view of their business by providing a central source of data truth, including customers, orders, and real-time inventory visibility. With this single viewpoint, retailers can more efficiently manage sales, in-store fulfillment, warehouse operations, and multi-channel selling. With unlimited scalability and unmatched performance, SalesWarp’s cloud-based software helps retailers sell more, make more, and manage less.