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Introducing WaveBatcher+ | Overview

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Warehouse teams often grapple with diverse batch strategies, delivery visualization complexities, and the need for process automation. These challenges can lead to errors that result in delayed fulfillment. Recognizing these pain points, WaveBatcher+ has been engineered to provide a comprehensive solution.   Ideal for multichannel operations, this technology automates the release of orders based on […]

Introducing WaveBatcher+

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 The brand-new WaveBatcher+ gives you unparalleled control and visibility of your warehouse and fulfillment operations! WaveBatcher+ allows you to automate the organization and scheduling of multichannel orders with the ability to simultaneously support multiple picking and batch strategies. Watch as we sit with one of the Senior Developers of WaveBatcher+, Annika, to get a […]

The Importance of Digitalization in B2B

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The shift towards digitalization has become a cornerstone for success. As industries evolve, the integration of digital strategies has allowed brands to connect with customers and stay ahead of the curve. While many D2C brands have embraced digitalization, wholesale, and B2B have often been overlooked. Digitalization can have a huge impact on the efficiency of […]

Is Last-Mile Delivery Sustainable?

Last-mile delivery is the final phase of the delivery process where packages go from warehouses to doorsteps. With customers demanding quicker fulfillment when online shopping, ensuring a swift final delivery has become a make-or-break factor in gaining and retaining their loyalty. However, the question looms: Is last-mile delivery a sustainable solution for retailers in the […]