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Amazon MWS Discontinued: Sellers Must Migrate to SP-API

Industry Insight

The roots of Amazon Marketplace Web Service (MWS) date back to 2002 when developers began using it to connect with external software and applications, but the future for Amazon sellers will rely on SP-API. Amazon has announced that all apps and scripts will need to switch to the latest SP API. Sellers who do not […]

The Growing Importance of Data Security

Industry Insight

Data security is a critical concern for any business that handles personal or financial information. With the amount of data that retailers collect from their customers, they become prime targets for cyber-attacks. Without security measures in place, retailers are at an increased risk of data loss, phishing, and malware attacks, which can have severe consequences. […]

Creating Sustainable Business Practices: Strategies for A Sustainable Supply Chain

Sustainability has become increasingly important for businesses over the years, with companies now focusing on creating more sustainable supply chains. A sustainable supply chain integrates environmentally friendly practices throughout the entire process, from sourcing raw materials to product delivery. It not only ensures that operations are environmentally friendly, but it can reduce costs and even […]