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The Buzz Around Omnichannel

Industry Insight

It’s safe to assume that today’s consumer has never heard the term ‘omnichannel’, and if they have, they probably don’t care what it means. What they do care about is having access to what retailers refer to as omnichannel services – a seamless shopping experience between multiple channels, next-day shipping, in-store pickup options, convenient returns, […]

EDI & OMS: The Case For Integration

GUEST POST BY JESSICA THIELE, MARKETING MANAGER – VL EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) has a stronghold in the technology world, and has since its inception. Still in wide use today as a crucial data touchpoint between supply chains, brick-and-mortar stores, order management systems (OMS) and more, EDI is a critical component in moving data and […]

How to Compete On Walmart Marketplace and Increase Sales

Industry Insight, Partners

The competition between retail giants like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart continues to heat up. At the same time, sellers on each of those marketplaces also face increasing competition. Walmart has over 110 million unique visitors per month, and that number continues to rise as Walmart marches towards Amazon levels. Walmart’s growing marketplace presents a huge […]