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Hybrid Cloud Systems are Taking Over E-commerce

The race to keep up with customer demands and competitors is a constant cycle for e-commerce businesses. Organizations with traditional ERP systems face limitations anywhere from inaccurate data, less flexibility for customizations, and poor performance. These limitations often lead to a loss of revenue from bad customer experiences from outdated systems. Cloud ERP systems have […]

USPS Rate Change for 2019

Industry Insight

The U.S postal service recently announced its 2019 rate change which will come into effect January 27, 2019. The impact may affect some sellers over others depending on the type of package being sent, the distance, and what services are used. Here’s a highlight of the major price changes that can impact your store: First-Class […]

The Future of E-Commerce: Trends in 2019

Industry Insight

It’s that time of year folks. No, not the time to hit the gym for your New Year resolution. It’s time to get prepared for new changes coming to e-commerce. Ever since Amazon emerged in 1994, e-commerce has constantly revolved around new technology and even stronger customer expectations. As we shift toward the end of […]