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What eCommerce Marketplaces Should You Sell On? We’re reviewing Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Target, and more…

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Although customers may view different online marketplaces similarly, they vastly differ from the perspective of a seller. Each site has its own audience and niche, but even more importantly, its own specific requirements and specifications that retailers must meet to list their products. So, what does this mean for retailers, brands, and suppliers? A good […]

Unit Types and Lot Codes in Warehouse Management

Efficient warehouse management is the backbone of a successful supply chain. Two essential components, unit types and lot codes, have revolutionized the way warehouses handle inventory tracking. Unit types represent standardized containers for packaging inventory, while lot codes provide crucial information about a product’s origin, processing, and manufacturing batch. Together, these systems ensure accurate inventory […]

Amazon Offers AI Image Generation For Sellers

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Amazon has launched a new AI tool that allows sellers on Amazon to improve the visual appeal of their product listings. In March 2023 an Amazon study revealed 75% of their advertisers struggled with building successful campaigns due to the lack of creativity in their ads. Instead of showing a product against a plain white […]

The Magic of eCommerce Chatbots

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As businesses navigate the evolving digital marketplace, the integration of AI-powered e-commerce chatbots has become a common strategy. As technology advances, businesses are increasingly turning to these AI-powered assistants to streamline operations and customer experiences.   What are the Benefits of E-commerce Chatbots?  An e-commerce chatbot is a virtual assistant that mimics human interactions, providing […]