Prime Day delivers from a business perspective, but was it what consumers wanted?

Industry Insight

Earlier this month, Amazon announced the first-ever Prime Day, a shopping holiday devoted to Amazon Prime subscribers, who were treated to numerous deals. Amazon proclaimed the sales holiday would see more discounts and specials than Black Friday, garnering a lot of enthusiasm from shoppers across the globe. Additionally, many marketplace sellers were eagerly anticipating another shopping holiday to sell goods to customers.

From a business perspective, Prime Day delivered. Amazon announced unit sales on Prime Day eclipsed the largest Black Friday the company had ever experienced, with more than 34.4 million products sold over the course of the holiday – that’s approximately 400 units per second. Amazon saw a large uptick in Prime subscriptions as well, with the marketplace reporting “hundreds of thousands of new members.” Sellers using Fulfillment by Amazon were able to capitalize on the surge in sales as well, with every party enjoying a healthy mid-summer bump.