Creating Sustainable Business Practices: Strategies for A Sustainable Supply Chain

Sustainability has become increasingly important for businesses over the years, with companies now focusing on creating more sustainable supply chains. A sustainable supply chain integrates environmentally friendly practices throughout the entire process, from sourcing raw materials to product delivery. It not only ensures that operations are environmentally friendly, but it can reduce costs and even […]

Top Shipping Strategies

Shipping is an essential aspect of any retail business. Whether you are an online retailer or a brick-and-mortar with an ecommerce presence, it is important to find the balance between ensuring customers receive their orders on time and your bottom line. Finding the right method with so many factors to consider can be challenging. Let’s […]

3 Approaches to Inventory Management

Efficient inventory management is vital to any business’s operations. Demand for this software has nearly doubled over the past five years. There are many different options when it comes to managing products and the choice depends on your goals and the resources you have available. The goal is to find the right balance between buying […]

Grow Your Wayfair Business With Process Automation

Events, Partners

Join Wayfair and SalesWarp for a webinar event! SalesWarp is excited to partner with Wayfair for a webinar on the benefits of Process Automation and Order Management Software! Jason Savery, a Global Lead at Wayfair, will join Mary Tannous, VP of Enterprise Sales at SalesWarp, for this 1-hour event. Together they will walk through the basics […]

Reach 14 Million Buyers With Wayfair

  Wayfair – A Viable Marketplace?  And How Can SalesWarp Help Wayfair Sellers? Over the past decade, consumers have changed the way they want to shop and merchants are trying to keep up. Shoppers fluidly search, compare, and buy from online stores, marketplaces, mobile apps, physical stores, and social platforms. As innovative technology aids their journey, […]

This Fourth of July, Free yourself from chaos!

Let’s consider the challenges and opportunities that retailers face today. With the e-commerce industry growing rapidly, adding more online selling channels makes perfect sense to increase revenue. However, receiving, tracking and fulfilling orders that come from different sources like websites, apps or in-store, is quite challenging by itself. Add to that, managing and keeping track […]

Managing Returns Across Sales Channels From One Easy Interface


It’s estimated that businesses can add 5% to their bottom line by automating how they manage returns. In this video, I share with you how SalesWarp’s integrated RMA, provides the flexibility needed to handle returns across all of your sales channels, from one easy to use platform. (#RMA, Returns Management, Refunds, Holiday Returns, OMS, WMS, […]

Empower Your Customer Management Team With Real Time Views

Arm your customer service agents with the real-time automation they need to meet customer demands, easily and consistently. SalesWarp’s integrated customer management operations solutions help boost employee productivity and makes it easier to designate and manage omni-channel cross-functional teams all in real-time. (OMS, CX, Customer Service Automation, CSM, CRM, CXM, Customer Service, Omnichannel sales, brand […]

Managing orders the old way? SW’s Order Management System delivers

SalesWarp’s centralized automated Order Management System comes with real-time visibility. With this year’s record-breaking boom in ecommerce sales, in this video, I cover how a centralized automated Order Management System (OMS) solution with real-time visibility can help provide the outstanding purchase experience that consumers demand. (OMS, RMA, CX, Real-time OMS, Sales Channels, Multi-Channel Selling, Ecommerce […]

Fix Stock Outs / OOS – What Fleeing Customers Are Telling You

5 Tips On How To Fix Stock Outs / OOS (Out-Of-Stock). First, what is OOS (out-of-stock), also known as stock outs? OOS is what customers encounter when they are ready to purchase a particular product, only to find, its unavailable to purchase or out-of-stock. Even though the product was advertised in-stock and available for purchase, […]

Build Brand Loyalty – Avoid Stock Outs

Build Brand Loyalty & Avoid Stock Outs with SalesWarp’s (ATP) Available-To-Promise Inventory and Product Management solutions. In this video we cover how to do just that with our forward thinking, inventory tracking software which will give you loyal customers. stock outs, product management, backorders, omnichannel selling, out-of-stock

Product Management – Unlimited Attributes – Cool Things That I’ve Discovered About SalesWarp

In this video, I cover how unlimited Product Attributes significantly influences buyers. SalesWarp’s Product Management software provides extensive product catalogue capacity with the ability to add unlimited product attributes and product descriptions (d2c brands, b2c product sales).

Order Management System Dashboard Overview – Cool Things That I’ve Discovered About SalesWarp

In this order management system overview video, I cover how SalesWarp’s centralized Dashboard makes Warehouse Management, Inventory Management, Product Management, Workflow Management, Sales Channels sales, Commerce Operations, Enterprise Operations and much more, easier and all in real-time.

Processing Orders With Your Fingers Crossed? With Ecommerce Sales Growth Predictions Over $1T — You Need A Powerful OMS

This year the National Retail Federation is predicting retail sales will soar to more than $4T. The NRF also forecast ecommerce sales will grow between $1.4T and $1.9 in sales. With the number of transactions increasing, businesses will need more than crossed fingers and spreadsheets to process orders and keep up with customer demands. 2020, […]

5 Brands Thriving During The COVID-19 Pandemic

While this year has been one of constant change and challenges, we find it inspiring to see how companies are adapting in the face of adversity to help their customers, employees and communities as a result. Here are a handful that are Adapting and Thriving! The Clorox Company Source: The Clorox Company The Clorox Company […]

SalesWarp & QSSI partner to deliver for Fortune Top 10 Online Retailer

The SalesWarp team is proud to announce our latest partnership with leading warehouse management innovator, QSSI. Our companies have completed a joint implementation for a Fortune Top 10 Online Retailer and have proven that our products and services can exceed the expectations of the largest enterprise companies. This partnership combines the power of SalesWarp’s OMS+ […]

4 Benefits of Centralized Inventory Management

Blog, Inventory Management

Did you know over half of retailers don’t track their inventory? In fact, over 46% of businesses don’t even use a manual method of managing inventory amounts. Businesses are continuing to miss out on potential sales by not centralizing their inventory. Inventory is the driving force behind a company’s success. You don’t want to lose […]

How to Survive the Retail Purge

For years, there has been a growing decline in sales at traditional brick-and-mortar retail stores. Popular stores like Gap, Chico’s, and Charlotte Ruse are closing a large number of their brick-and-mortar stores based on consumer changes. Shopping online isn’t something new but a lot of customers are starting to value convenience over shopping in physical […]

5 eCommerce Strategies for Memorial Day

Memorial Day is nearly here! The kick-off for the summer season means many businesses are launching their seasonal sales and marketing strategies. Many sellers plan on dropping their prices over 70% during Memorial Day, so it’s important for your business to create a winning strategy. It’s important to learn the importance of Memorial Day when […]

How to Succeed in Global E-commerce

The key to unlocking the rewards of selling internationally can quickly transform a small brand into a household name. Online clothing store, ASOS, is currently listed in Forbes Top Five Innovative Growth Companies due to their winning strategy for international markets with over 60% of their business coming from outside their London-based headquarters (Webinterpret). ASOS […]

How to Use Social Media as an E-commerce Platform

Building brand awareness for your e-commerce store isn’t a walk in the park. Reaching your target niche and creating a following of customers may take time and many strategies before seeing growth. Social media provides limitless opportunity for brands to reach potential customers and create a unique customer experience. As we become a more content-driven […]

Five Lucky E-Commerce Strategies

Getting lucky in e-commerce doesn’t mean sticking with one strategy forever. As technology continues to change the way we shop, it’s important to keep up with the latest strategies in e-commerce. Online retailers can take advantage of optimizing their sales channels based on changes in consumer behavior. Start feeling lucky on Saint Patrick’s Day with […]

Why BOPIS is the Future of Retail

Buying online and picking up in-store, or BOPIS, is quickly becoming a new trend for retailers with brick-and-mortar stores. Businesses are constantly finding more ways to provide faster fulfillment methods to satisfy customer expectations by integrating digital and traditional shopping experiences. According to Invesp, over half of online shoppers say they have picked up an […]

How Millennials are Changing the Retail Industry

Blog, Industry Insight

Only 11 percent of millennials plan on making their next purchase in a physical store (Lexington Law). With mobile shopping on the rise, marketplaces like Amazon, Poshmark, and eBates have become popular with millennials who are known to value convenience in online shopping. This new generation of ‘influencers’ value the shopping experience over all else. […]

Hybrid Cloud Systems are Taking Over E-commerce

The race to keep up with customer demands and competitors is a constant cycle for e-commerce businesses. Organizations with traditional ERP systems face limitations anywhere from inaccurate data, less flexibility for customizations, and poor performance. These limitations often lead to a loss of revenue from bad customer experiences from outdated systems. Cloud ERP systems have […]

Five Quick Tips to Increase Sales

  The holiday season is right around the corner! Is your store prepared for the holiday rush? Without the right tools for your store, you can risk losing revenue and customers with just one bad experience. Here are five quick tips that are guaranteed to increase your holiday sales this year! Offer accelerated Shipping Offering […]

USPS Rate Change for 2019

Blog, Industry Insight

The U.S postal service recently announced its 2019 rate change which will come into effect January 27, 2019. The impact may affect some sellers over others depending on the type of package being sent, the distance, and what services are used. Here’s a highlight of the major price changes that can impact your store: First-Class […]

Zoey Launches B2B Order Portal Theme


Most B2B businesses are increasingly looking at ways to leverage online commerce to become more efficient and streamline their sales. That’s why SalesWarp partnered some time ago with Zoey, a SaaS-based eCommerce solution that makes it easier to transact online. Zoey has long provided the tools to build a complete eCommerce website, but some companies […]

SalesWarp Reveals its New Series 4 with Version 4.1

Blog, Company Updates

We are excited to launch the latest major series in the SalesWarp family with the release of version 4.1! Our new Series 4 runs faster than ever with more features and flexibility to elevate your sales growth, manage operations, and improve delivery performance. The modular redesign of Series 4 brings a multitude of new features […]

SalesWarp Partners With Cool Pet Stuff

Blog, Company Updates

  SalesWarp is proud to announce their partnership with Cool Pet Stuff has made a niche in the pet products market by stocking hard to find pet items and specializing in professional and collegiate sports teams jerseys, collars, bandanas, and other sports team themed items for pets. Cool Pet Stuff stocks the majority of […]

SalesWarp OnBoards Caroline’s Cakes


SalesWarp has recently had the pleasure of taking on a new client: Caroline’s Cakes, based in Spartanburg, SC. Perhaps you’ve heard of them? If you haven’t, be sure to check them out online at Caroline’s Cakes Website One thing that really has stood out throughout the implementation period, is Caroline’s Cakes devotion to their customers. […]

SalesWarp Client Zumiez Named #1 Omnichannel Retailer

Get ReportTotal Retail’s Top 100 Omnichannel Retailers Total Retail released an inaugural report for 2017 ranking the Top 100 Omnichannel Retailers. The purpose of the report is to provide insight to help retailers get a better understanding of the shopping experience and services that shoppers expect. The report defines omnichannel retail by scoring publicly traded […]

SalesWarp Integrates With Avalara

Blog, Company Updates, Order Management

The SalesWarp team is excited to announce our official, certified integration with Avalara. Avalara provides cloud-based sales tax compliant services that are fast, easy, and affordable to businesses of all sizes. The SalesWarp / Avalara partnership provides a completely integrated order and sales management solution that is completely tax compliant. This integrated solution allows retailers […]

Strategies For Attracting Shoppers To Your Ecommerce Store

Blog, eCommerce Operations

GUEST POST BY ROBERT RAND, SVP RAND MARKETING Whether you’re targeting B2C or B2B sales, there are a wide range of digital marketing campaigns that you can leverage to attract the right shoppers to your ecommerce store. Regardless of seasons and holidays, it’s always a good time to step back and evaluate your options for […]

Happier Holidays For Your Customers: Holiday Checklist For Retailers

It may seem premature to discuss holiday preparation. However, retailers who have survived previous holiday seasons know that it’s never too early to prepare for the busiest time of the year. Strategic planning is crucial for the holidays, considering that the holiday season represents as much as 30 percent of annual sales for many retailers. […]

Aiming for efficiency: How technology can consolidate your efforts to optimize eCommerce operations

GUEST POST BY JOSHUA O’CONNELL, VP OF PARTNERSHIPS ZOEY As your business grows, the amount of data and number of processes that must be managed grows as a natural outgrowth of your increasing sales. There’s more inventory to manage, more customers to communicate with, more items being shipped to customers, and so on. That means […]

The Buzz Around Omnichannel

Blog, Omnichannel Commerce

It’s safe to assume that today’s consumer has never heard the term ‘omnichannel’, and if they have, they probably don’t care what it means. What they do care about is having access to what retailers refer to as omnichannel services – a seamless shopping experience between multiple channels, next-day shipping, in-store pickup options, convenient returns, […]

Amazon’s New Pre-Authorized Returns Policy – What You Need To Know

Last Tuesday (August 1), Amazon sent out an email to Amazon sellers regarding a change in the returns process effective October 2, 2017. This email notified self-fulfilled marketplace sellers (those sellers that do not use Amazon’s FBA services) that processed orders will be authorized automatically for return. In addition to the “automatically authorized” returns policy, […]

SalesWarp and Zoey Partner to Provide a Powerful Solution for Modern Retail

SalesWarp and Zoey Reduce Complexities for Multichannel Retailers by Providing Combined Easy-to-Use Solution BALTIMORE, MD – Today, SalesWarp announced a new managed service that combines its advanced order, fulfillment, and operations management platform with Zoey’s ecommerce services. Together, SalesWarp and Zoey create a powerful, easy-to-use, end-to-end ecommerce and marketplace solution that is available to new […]

How to Compete On Walmart Marketplace and Increase Sales

The competition between retail giants like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart continues to heat up. At the same time, sellers on each of those marketplaces also face increasing competition. Walmart has over 110 million unique visitors per month, and that number continues to rise as Walmart marches towards Amazon levels. Walmart’s growing marketplace presents a huge […]

Zoey Commerce Releases B2B Features

Blog, eCommerce Operations

GUEST POST BY ROBERT RAND, CTO RAND MARKETING If you’re a manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler, or are focusing on selling business-to-business, you may have noticed that finding an eCommerce platform that’s natively ready to meet your needs is not easy. Most shopping cart softwares have been built with retail business-to-consumer uses in mind. That’s why in […]

Why Retailers Need a Distributed Order Management System to Support Their ERP System

Blog, Order Management

What is ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and Why is ERP Software Important? The acronym ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. It refers to the systems and software packages used by organizations to manage day-to-day business operations such as project management, product management, manufacturing, procurement, sales, and accounting. ERP software integrates the various systems associated with […]

Q&A with SalesWarp CEO David Potts – Omnichannel Retailing Done Right

Blog, Omnichannel Commerce

As customers expect more from their shopping experiences, retailers need omnichannel solutions that can deliver a consistent omnichannel experience. Retailers must alter their business strategy from a siloed channel approach to a centralized commerce focus. But delivering a true omnichannel shopping experience is challenging. Retailers must integrate back-end and front-end processes and unify various channel […]

Top 10 Metrics Every Retailer Needs To Measure

GUEST POST BY FIT SMALL BUSINESS Before companies had the tools to easily collect business intelligence, executives made more decisions based on experience and expertise. Today, data and analytics are more accessible through advanced technology; however, few decision-makers understand the importance of referencing this data when making business decisions, what the data means, and how […]

Industry Leader Active Ride Shop Selects SalesWarp for Omnichannel Order Management

SalesWarp Unifies Brand Experience for Active Ride Shop Customers BALTIMORE, MD – Active Ride Shop has deployed SalesWarp’s Omnichannel Order Management and Warehouse solution as the engine to power its growing business. The SalesWarp solution drives efficiency improvements for Active Ride Shop and provides a better experience for its customers. Established in 1989, Active Ride […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA)

As omnichannel becomes a top priority for retailers, businesses are offering more sales channels and fulfillment options to their customers. With omnichannel retail, inventory management becomes more complex – making it one of the greatest challenges retailers face today. And when it comes to order fulfillment, inventory management is only the beginning. Retailers also have […]

How to Launch a New Product in Your eCommerce Business

Blog, eCommerce Operations

Launching new products is important for business growth and continued success. However, there’s more to an effective product launch than just listing it on your online store or marketplace. Successfully introducing a new product to your online store or marketplace requires a significant investment of time and extensive planning. If you’re looking to grow your […]

SalesWarp Releases Major Software Upgrades for Its Advanced Order Management System

Retailers Gain Additional Sales Channel to Drive Business Growth BALTIMORE, MD — SalesWarp, the retail industry’s premier provider of inventory, order, and fulfillment management solutions, today announced the latest release (3.0.8) of its cloud-based software. Key upgrades include new e-commerce platform integrations, additional marketplace coverage, expanded product catalog functionality, and enhanced fraud prevention. SalesWarp now […]

Is Dropshipping Right For Your Brand?

GUEST POST BY JASON GREENBERG, SENIOR CHANNEL PARTNER MANAGER, SPS COMMERCE Today, more consumers are making online purchases than ever before. This has sent ripple effects through both the retail industry and the supply chain. For some retailers, its meant closing physical stores or even going into bankruptcy. For others, maintaining profit margin means finding […]

Walmart Marketplace Integration

SalesWarp is excited to announce our integration with Walmart’s online global marketplace! Our retailers can now sell on one of the largest online marketplaces in the U.S. and gain access to its loyal customer base. We are one of only a select number of solutions providers that Walmart is allowing to access its API and […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Just-In-Time Inventory

Blog, Inventory Management

History of Just-In-Time Inventory Management Long before eCommerce or inventory management software, businesses attempted to meet consumer demand by manufacturing surplus quantities of products and stockpiling inventory. They manufactured just enough inventory to satisfy anticipated demand or they heavily relied on their sales and marketing teams to generate more demand to sell the overstocked inventory. […]

SalesWarp – Retail (R)Evolution with Pitney Bowes

Blog, Company Updates, Events

The snow has melted, flowers are blooming, and Opening Day has passed. It’s safe to say that Spring has arrived, which means … tradeshow season is here! This year, the SalesWarp team is kicking off the season by participating in and exhibiting at Pitney Bowes’ inaugural, invite-only conference aptly named Retail (R)Evolution. We’re incredibly excited […]

Pitney Bowes Complete Shipping Solution Helps SalesWarp Deliver to a Growing Base of Retailers

Stamford, CT, April 20, 2017 – Pitney Bowes Inc. (NYSE: PBI), a global technology leader that provides innovative solutions and services powering anywhere-to-everywhere commerce announced today the launch of its Complete Shipping™ solution for partners and retailers to take the complexity out of managing the logistics of unified commerce solutions. With the Pitney Bowes technology, […]

What Retailers Need To Look For In A Product Information Management (PIM) Solution

Managing product and inventory data can get messy when selling on multiple channels. There’s data that comes from merchandise planning, your various suppliers, sales channels, forecasting, and kit building, and if you’re manufacturing your products in-house, there’s work-in-process data too. Eventually, all of this data (most likely stored in a spreadsheet) gets imported into your […]

Which Shopify Plan Is Right For You?

Blog, eCommerce Operations

GUEST POST BY ROBERT RAND, CTO RAND MARKETING Choosing a version of Shopify is all about balance. Your shopping cart software should fit into your business plans comfortably and logically. Every business has its needs, and you’ll want to select an eCommerce platform that will support your goals, while not sapping revenue that you need […]

RFID Use on the Rise

GUEST POST FROM OUR PARTNER, BARCODING In the past three years, there has been a significant rise in the use of radio frequency identification (RFID). In a recent survey of 60 wholesalers and retailers with revenues exceeding $500 million in 2014, 34 percent of respondents said they were currently implementing RFID or had already done […]

Retail Supply Chain of 2017

You’ve heard it time and time again: the world of retail is changing – fast. Ecommerce isn’t just a way to shop; it’s the way to shop. Omnichannel commerce is no longer an option; it’s a necessity. Fast shipping doesn’t mean 2-3 days, it means same day. Why? Modern retailers have limited control of what, […]

Understanding the Cost of SaaS and Cloud Software Solutions in Order Management Software

Blog, Order Management

Increasingly, retailers are purchasing Order Management Software (OMS) on a Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”) basis. Rather than purchasing software to install, or additional hardware to support it, customers subscribe to a SaaS offering. This eliminates the expense of hardware acquisition and maintenance, as well as software licensing, installation, and support. Retailers buying a SaaS solution also benefit […]

Selecting A New eCommerce Platform: The RFP Process

Blog, eCommerce Operations

GUEST POST BY NIGEL STEVENS, SEO & CONTENT MARKETING, BIGCOMMERCE Deciding that it’s time to choose a new ecommerce platform is no small undertaking. This is your business we’re talking about here, and the platform it’s built on has a significant impact on not just your day-to-day activities, but your overall well-being. If you’re thinking […]

Leveraging Technology to Enhance Customer Service

Blog, Customer Management

Successful retailers know that quality customer service is a necessity. They value the truth of this quote from Steve Jobs: “You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work backward toward the technology – not the other way around.” These retailers understand the importance of easily verifying – and restocking – inventory with few […]

Top 5 Retail Trends For 2017

U.S. e-commerce sales reached $396 billion in 2016, and are predicted to grow to a massive $684 billion by 2020. According to Forrester Research, “more brick-and-mortar-focused retailers are stepping up their online game and increasing the percentage of their sales that come from online channels, and Web-only retailers have been growing at an impressive clip, […]

Preparing to Shop for a New Order Management System

Blog, Order Management

Ready to jump on the omnichannel bandwagon? It’s not too late to join! Omnichannel is all about providing your customers with a seamless brand experience – regardless of channel. Retailers have a lot on their plates, including order, inventory, and shipping management. The work load explodes once a retailer begins to sell on multiple channels. […]

The 3 Pillars of E-commerce Success

Blog, eCommerce Operations

GUEST POST BY ROBERT RAND, CTO RAND MARKETING In the early days of E-commerce, many merchants found that just by being among the first businesses to sell online, they could enjoy great long-term success. As the years have passed, and as the volume of digital storefronts continues to rise, it’s become increasingly important to have […]

Order Management 101

Blog, Order Management

An advanced order management system is now the new retail imperative. But what exactly is an order management system? An order management system is primarily designed to enable a business to execute orders they receive in an efficient and cost-effective way. It becomes the backbone of your multi-channel retail operation and the driving force that […]

From Legacy To Cloud

Q: What’s your advice for a multi-store retailer who’s looking to replace their legacy retail management software? A: Your customers expect an omnichannel experience – the ability to browse all channels, including retail, website, and mobile. Often, legacy systems have difficulty scaling. Most of these legacy systems possess limited and restrictive integration methods; as a […]

Why Managing Inventory With Spreadsheets Is a Nightmare

Blog, Inventory Management

Retailers – if you’re managing inventory from a spreadsheet, we can guarantee that you won’t be having sweet dreams of Sugar Plum Fairies this holiday season. Sure, it might make sense for a small business to use a spreadsheet when first starting up – it’s inexpensive and easy to use for retailers with low order […]

Omnichannel Retail Dramatically Complicates Order Management

As the retail industry grows and changes, it’s imperative retailers keep up with fundamental marketplace shifts. One such key marketplace dynamic is omnichannel retailing. Omnichannel retailing means providing a seamless, continuous customer experience across any device or location a customer wishes to shop from. Customers now expect, even demand, a seamless and consistent shopping experience […]

3.0.0 – New Release for SalesWarp’s Order Management Software

Everything you love about our SalesWarp advanced order management software is now even better with our 3.0.0 release! This is one of our biggest releases to date. We’ve completely refreshed our user interface design, providing greater consistency and easier readability across all pages. This update boasts a lot of general performance and stability improvements. We’ve […]

BigCommerce Sellers – Are You Ready For The Holiday Season?

Now that it’s October, the holiday shopping season has officially begun. The foremost goal for any retailer is to make it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for, as well as find complementary products across categories and channels that lead to a happier shopping experience for customers. Today’s omnichannel environment is making it […]

SalesWarp Exhibits at Barcoding’s Executive Forum Event

Blog, Events

The month of October brings sweater weather, pumpkin spice lattes, football season, and last but not least, Barcoding Inc.’s Executive Forum. The sixth annual event, held at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore on October 6th, is an opportunity for leaders within the supply chain and mobile technology industry to connect, in order to share best […]

Sled Through the Holiday Season at Warp Speed

As online shopping accounts for more and more of total consumer holiday spending with each passing year, the need for merchants to successfully manage product inventory, order, and fulfillment operations intensifies right alongside. For many retailers, it’s make-or-break time, and for most of the rest a strong holiday sales performance means the difference between a […]

The Two-Way Street of SalesWarp Innovation

Blog, Customer Management

If you want to know how good the tacos are at a particular food truck you pass by every day — without shelling out the money and taking your chances first – chances are good you might check out the buzz on a customer review site like Yelp. Why not, right? It only makes sense. […]

#IRCE16 – Here We Come!

It has been a busy and buzzy month! Our developers are hard at work putting on the finishing touches to our newest release, which we will be showcasing at next week’s Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition (IRCE), June 7-10 in Chicago. Expect to see new reporting tools that will take vital business data within the […]

Using Order Management to Deliver a Unified Brand Experience

Blog, Order Management

You’ve worked hard to develop a specific mission and style for your online shop. As a retailer, your brand matters – it’s what connects you to your customers and provides the consistency that they look for when they shop with you. Clients come back because they like the experience you’ve provided and they trust that […]

BillyTheTree Success Story

Case Studies, Success Stories

As the business expanded, BillyTheTree experienced growing pains. Like many retailers, the business struggled to find a balance between increasing online sales and declining retail margins. By 2013, the company had reached a critical juncture. The business lacked a centralized, automated system to push out product and inventory updates to its various sales channels. Weber […]

Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment with SalesWarp 2.9 Update

Product Updates

The third part of the SalesWarp 2.9 Release blog series highlights multi-channel fulfillment with Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA). If you are a seller on eBay, or sell products through your own branded website but don’t want to go through the hassle of managing fulfillment internally, you may have considered or are already using FBA. Fulfillment […]

eCommerce Solutions To Help Small Businesses Manage Multiple Channels

As a small online retailer, you know that gaining exposure to more customers can make a significant difference in how well your business does. The advent of the omnichannel shopper, new online marketplaces to sell on, and even click-and-collect, has not made it any easier to do so.

Selling on multiple shopping channels can be tricky, especially if you have to manage them separately and, in many cases, manually. If you're evaluating eCommerce solutions, make sure they provide the following functionality.

Order Management Extension For Adobe Commerce Magento

Blog, Product Updates

We are excited to announce the release of our new order management extension for Magento, SalesWarp Order Manager, now available for download (for FREE) from the Magento Connect Marketplace to retailers using the Magento Community Edition. Retailers know that order and inventory management is critical to running a successful online business. Using SalesWarp’s Order Manager […]

How To Check Your Adobe Commerce Magento Store Version

Blog, Product Updates

Use the steps below in order to check your Magento Store Version. Now why is this important? Well, like every extension, our SalesWarp Order Manager for Magento supports specific versions of Magento Community Edition. To see which versions we currently support, check out our Magento Connect listing. Here is your 2-step process for checking your […]

Multi-Location Inventory Tracking with SalesWarp 2.9 Update

Blog, Product Updates

Multi-location inventory tracking is designed for retailers with their own internal warehouse. One major challenge SalesWarp 2.9 has addressed is figuring out where inventory is at all times. Is your inventory in transit to be fulfilled by Amazon (FBA)? Is it sitting in the corner of your warehouse as backstock? Are there too many items […]

3 Ways To Improve Your e-fulfillment Process

Order Management

As a retailer, you've likely been there before - an eager customer places an order on your website, wanting their product to come in as soon as possible. You go to have their order pulled from your inventory to ship it out, only to struggle to find the product, or find out that your courier is unable to meet the timeline you've promised.

Multi-Vendor eCommerce with SalesWarp 2.9 Update

Product Updates

You asked and we listened! For retailers looking for multi-vendor eCommerce software that will make it easier to manage inventory across multiple vendors, this update is for you! We have packed 7 new features into one BIG release to transform the way you manage inventory from dropship vendors and replenishment vendors. One of the biggest […]

NRFs BIG Show 2016 – Here we come!


Happy New Year Retailers! I don’t know how busy your holidays were, but we have been busy putting the finishing touches on our latest software release. Why you ask? NRFs BIG Show, that’s why. At NRFs BIG Show 2016, we will be introducing new in-store fulfillment tools that deliver powerful order routing logic and an […]

Selling On Amazon and eBay?

Omnichannel Commerce

Have you started your own online business? Do you have trouble managing products, orders or inventory? Are you selling on Amazon and eBay? If you answered ‘yes’, are you overwhelmed trying to keep up with the demands of selling on these channels? SalesWarp helps retailers like you manage multiple marketplaces (and your own website) – […]

Ship Smarter While Saving Time And Money

Shipping Management

Shipping is a critical component to a retail business, especially when selling online. As an online retailer, you know this. To reach new customers and to keep current customers happy, at times, you may have to absorb the cost of shipping. “It’s the cost of doing business,” you say. So how can you ship smarter […]

SalesWarp 2.8.1 – Performance & Support Updates

Product Updates

A big focus of SalesWarp 2.8.1, has been on improving SalesWarp’s ease-of-use, performance and support. Two features in our latest release encompass just that with Zendesk and SendGrid integration. Zendesk Plugin Zendesk, a Customer Support Platform, is a tool used by SalesWarp to respond to software issues, questions, and feedback submitted by users. We’ve now […]

New EMV Chips May Slow Down Shoppers

Industry Insight

Major retailers and retail specialists warn that merchants unprepared for new payment technologies may fall behind this holiday shopping season, as recent changes to credit cards could slow down the checkout process for consumers. EMV chips are changing the way customers pay The more secure chip-based EMV cards are the payment card industry's attempt to tackle […]

Consumer spending this holiday season to be driven by technology

Customer Management

According to a survey released by the National Retail Federation, consumer spending this holiday season will be up from last year in all categories, reaching the highest levels in the survey's 14-year history. Consumer spending this holiday season to increase Shoppers are anticipated to spend more than $800 during the holidays this year, with approximately […]

SalesWarp Integrates With Bigcommerce

Product Updates

At the 2015 Shop.Org Digital Summit, we announced that with the latest release of SalesWarp 2.8.1, we now have a Bigcommerce store connector. Bigcommerce is a popular, cloud-based, eCommerce platform for fast-growing brands. These new features allow Bigcommerce users to update products, fulfill orders and process shipments from within SalesWarp.

Why Data Visibility is Vital to Omnichannel Success

Omnichannel Commerce

Information can be used by retailers in a variety of ways, but offering data visibility across the organization is vital to omnichannel success. With retailers expanding to a variety of new channels, gaining information about customers and creating detailed profiles has never been easier. Yet at the same time, many merchants still are not using […]

Rampant DDoS attacks illustrat​e why multichannel eCommerce is pivotal

Omnichannel Commerce

Online has quickly become the primary reta​il channel for many sellers. The barrier to entry is incredibly low compared to operating offline stores, particularly with the advent of online marketplaces that allow retailers to sell their goods to wide audiences in a matter of clicks. However, an effective multichannel eCommerce approach is vital to the […]

How siloed applications inhibit growth

Industry Insight

Retailers often find themselves implementing new applications and solutions to respond to new needs and demands of their business. What they fail to realize or take into account is how these new solutions tie into their existing systems. In mange cases, these solutions either don’t communicate with their other systems, or are culled together in […]

‘Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store’ May Lead to More Sales

Order Management

One way that sellers are getting more out of their regular patrons is via “buy online pick up in-store” fulfillment options that drive customers into nearby physical locations. The reason this omnichannel eCommerce strategy works so effectively is that it extends the purchase window even further. If retailers simply fulfill online orders and deliver these […]

How the Omnichannel Shopping Experience is Connected through Mobile

Omnichannel Commerce

Just as the Internet revolutionized the commerce landscape, mobile devices are set to do the same to the omnichannel shopping experience. While online and brick-and-mortar stores are still the primary place of purchase for many customers, smartphones and tablets are playing an increasingly larger role in the shopping process, whether consumers are reading reviews of […]

Doing product recommendations the right way

Industry Insight

For retailers, product recommendations may seem like a self-serving tactic – they want to offer relevant items to customers to garner more sales. However, as it turns out, customers also find product recommendations useful. One study conducted by marketing platform provider Listrak found that as many as 80 percent of customers find product suggestions they […]

SalesWarp 2.8.1 – Product Management Updates

Product Updates

We’ve been hard at work on SalesWarp’s 2.8.1 release, and there are so many new features, we can’t even fit them into one blog post! For now, here are all the delicious updates we’ve made to managing products in SalesWarp. Check out the full release notes of all the 2.8.1 features and improvements.

Retail to the Power of SalesWarp – 2014 Summit


Fall is in the air! Time for pumpkin-flavored everything and football madness. It’s the lull between Back-to-School and Holiday, aka the calm before the storm for retailers like you. It’s also time for, the National Retail Federation’s digitally-focused arm, to put on their annual Summit and Expo. This year it takes place in Philadelphia […]

Chinese online sales up 39 percent

Industry Insight

One of the greatest advantages of selling products online is the global reach retailers can acquire, provided they have the order fulfillment means to pick, pack and ship items effectively.

Cutting-Edge E-Retail Technology at IRCE

Media Coverage

A special report, from the editors of Internet Retailer, on a selection of IRCE 2015 exhibitors and the technologies and services they provide e-retailers Technology is at the heart of every e-commerce business, from the e-commerce platform that keeps a site up and running to the warehouse technology required to get an order picked, packed […]

Product Classification is a Pivotal Part of eCommerce

Product Management

Every person has their own unique terminology, which may be influenced by their parents, their geographical location, age or even gender. If you ask someone what they call an "MP3 player," some people may use the proper name. Others may call it an "iPod" (even if it is not that specific brand) or a music player.

Getting the Most out of IRCE


A meeting of the biggest players in online retail is happening in Chicago this week at the Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition. With Internet Retailer anticipating attendance of nearly 10,000 people, IRCE Chicago represents a great opportunity to learn, network with others, discuss upcoming trends and promote your brand.

Inventory visibility is key to delivering what you promise

Inventory Management

Retailers unanimously agree that system and channel-wide inventory visibility is key to their success and their ability to serve customers adequately. However, comparatively few retailers actually have the solutions in place that grant them this system-wide visibility, and even fewer are actively synchronizing inventory across all of their different channels. This impacts their ability to […]

Using Customer Insights and Targeting to Personalize the Buying Experience

Omnichannel Commerce

Whenever someone buys anything nowadays they always check out multiple websites and local retail stores. Shoppers use every connected device they have to do their research; desktop computers, connected games consoles, smartphones, laptops and tablets. Personalized websites are particularly popular, with 55% of shoppers saying that it is easier to find interesting products on websites […]

Lessons Learned: Million-dollar Jeweler Launched with $300

Media Coverage

Robin Weber started his jewelry website when he was 18, with $300 from selling his high school textbooks and from tutoring classmates. He now runs a multi-million dollar business. In 1996, at 10 years old, Weber, who grew up near Stuttgart, Germany, migrated with his parents to Belleair Bluffs, near Tampa, Fla. Born into a […]

Customers crave a connected in-store experience

Customer Management

For a long time, many merchants were beginning to question the relevance of brick-and-mortar stores. While they remained an anchor of most omnichannel efforts, there is no denying that many customers were trending toward preferring digital experiences.

Order Management System Integration: Part 1

Order Management

Order management systems bring a lot of value to the table for merchants, allowing them to simplify the way they deal with orders across all channels (digital or physical) and fulfillment locations (brick-and-mortar stores or warehouses).

Best fulfillment logic: What to keep in mind

Order Management

Order fulfillment has quickly become both an art and a science, with merchants deploying both a number of creative practices and some cutting-edge technology to improve the way they fulfill customer purchases. In years past, a bit of ingenuity could go a long way in helping to get customers their purchases as quickly and effectively […]

How to speed up order fulfillment [Infographic]

The retail environment has changed so drastically in the last couple of years – many customers have come to expect delivery within two to three days, and in some cases the very same day. In the eyes of customers, speed matters. In order for sellers to meet these lofty expectations, they need to leverage order […]

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Automatic Repricing

Product Management

Retailers understand the importance of offering items at a competitive price point. While there are numerous determining factors that impact whether people make a purchase with a seller, price is one of the more prominent variables.

“I’m juggling inventory to avoid overselling a product.”

Inventory Management

Omni Channel Pain Point No. 4 February 2015 Our pain point for February is one that we hear often from retailers, especially those selling on multiple channels: “I’m juggling inventory to avoid overselling a product.” The term ‘juggling’ is something you want to hear a clown say in reference to the bowling pins he’ll be […]

SalesWarp at NRF 2015


SalesWarp attended the National Retail Federation’s BIG Show last week in New York. There are big trade shows and then there are BIG TRADE SHOWS. NRF was definitely the latter. With thousands of retail professionals flooding the area around the Javits Center and two full floors devoted to the EXPO hall, NRF was the biggest […]

Omnichannel Commerce = A 360 Degree View

Omnichannel Commerce

Unless you’ve been hiding in a cave this past year (or a crevice with James Franco in 127 Hours – a great movie by the way if you haven’t see it), you have definitely seen how retailers are continuously striving to deliver that omnichannel experience customers expect. With the rapid improvement of eCommerce platforms, channel […]

How Target failed the omnichannel customer

Order Management

While many retailers look at solutions such as inventory management and order management software as tools to help them operate behind-the-scenes more effectively, it is just as important to realize these solutions can help them improve customer-facing operations as well.

Competing with Robots at the NRF’s BIG Show


In three weeks I will hop on a train in Baltimore, bound for New York and the National Retail Federation’s annual Expo & Convention. Nicknamed ‘Retail’s BIG Show,’ this is definitely one of the biggest and most influential gatherings in retail, known for hi-tech demonstrations and a bird’s eye view of where the industry is […]

"How do I even begin to deliver a seamless customer experience?"

Omnichannel Commerce

Omni Channel Pain Point No. 3 December 2014 Omnichannel retailing…we’ve heard this term over and over this past year and it really comes down to one core deliverable…a seamless customer experience. But how do you begin to deliver this in an industry that has been turned upside down by technology, processes and, above all, by […]

Amazon pushes shipping deadline back

Order Management

Amazon, one of the primary shopping destinations for many North American consumers, announced it would be delaying deadlines to allow customers to make last-minute purchases, Internet Retailer reported.

Staples joins the online marketplace business

Industry Insight

With retailers such as Amazon boasting millions of marketplace sellers and billions of products sold over the past year, many merchants are looking to enter the fray. Marketplaces are attractive options on a number of different levels.

“How do I keep product data current across many channels?”

Product Management

Omni Channel Pain Point No. 2 November 2014 Over the past year, product information management has become a common pain of retailers expanding to new sales channels. And not just B2C channels; B2B product management is one of the most complex areas to handle since retailers can be distributing to a wide variety of other […]

More retailers offer free shipping

Order Management

While most people love the convenience of being able to shop online or through their mobile devices, having to wait and pay for shipping is one of the leading detractors of the digital shopping experience.

New PayPal payment options may woo customers

Industry Insight

During the holiday season, consumers' budgets may run tight. In fact, one recent report from the National Retail Federation suggested the average person may spend upward of $804 this year, a 5 percent increase compared to expenditures for the 2013 holiday season.

"Dealing with my outdated system has become a chore."

Omnichannel Commerce

Omni Channel Pain Point No. 1 October 2014 Over the past few months the SalesWarp team has been collecting pain points from retailers we speak to on a daily basis. Not just any pain points, but specifically pains they experience managing an online business, more specifically around delivering an omni channel experience. As retailers rise […]

SalesWarp @ Summit 2014


Last week the SalesWarp team returned from the Summit, held in Seattle, Washington. With sunny, fall weather and multiple delicious meals at downtown restaurants, we all thoroughly enjoyed’s 2014 location.

Product Data Feed Management

Industry Insight

Retailers across the United States are going on and on about how important it is to provide services to their customers through a variety of different channels, spanning from offline stores to digital marketplaces and mobile apps.

Why page loading speed matters

Industry Insight

Over the past few years, eCommerce operations have gained steam with many merchants, who are beginning to realize the always-available nature of the Web makes for an attractive shopping channel.

[INFOGRAPHIC] How to Unify Product Data for the Multi Channel Shopper

Product Management

Modern shoppers tend to utilize a vast number of channels to research, shop and purchase products. It is not unusual to see one person research a product on a retailer’s home page, compare prices on marketplaces and then finally buy the item at a nearby brick-and-mortar location. With that in mind, coordination across all of […]

FFC Verified in Order Management

Product Updates

We’re excited to announce that SalesWarp ENTERPRISE is now FFC Verified as an Order Management System. What exactly does ‘FFC Verified’ mean? Given by FitForCommerce, a leading eCommerce consultancy, FFC Verification is a process that evaluates and validates eCommerce technology provider claims about their offerings. In such a rapidly changing industry, FitForCommerce seeks to establish […]

Small Retailers and eCommerce Challenges

Industry Insight

As eCommerce and mobile commerce sales continue to grow, more and more retailers are trying to win a slice of the pie. Thanks to online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, and widely available ecommerce technology, starting an online retail business is easier than ever before. That also means it’s more competitive than ever. Let’s take […]

Product Information Management Pain Points (Part 3)

Product Management

It’s a simple concept to understand – the more places merchants are available, the broader their potential reach. If all retailers have is a website, they won’t be able to engage people who shop at Amazon and other marketplaces, in physical stores, through mail-in catalogs, on the phone or through any other means. At the […]

Product Information Management Pain Points (Part 2)

Product Management

Retailers are increasingly using a broad number of channels to reach customers, ranging from eCommerce stores to online marketplaces. As such, product information management has become a top priority, because failure to create a centralized hub using product management software can affect the consumer’s shopping experience. In part one of this series, we talked about […]

Product Information Management Pain Points (Part 1)

Product Management

With merchants extending their reach across multiple channels, product information management has become a top priority. Failure to create a centralized hub for product information management can lead to major challenges. Disparities of product data between multiple channels could lead to a confusing shopping experience, resulting in a poor impression of the retail brand among customers […]

[INFOGRAPHIC] Omni Channel Pain Points from IRCE


A few weeks ago SalesWarp attended the Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition in Chicago. We met with hundreds of retailers and asked them all the same question, “What is your biggest omni channel pain point?” The results provide unique insight into the variety of challenges retailers face today. Some of the top pain points reported […]

Updated Feature: Order Routing Rules

Product Updates

Retailers need the ability to automate operational processes. With multiple sales channels, fulfillment locations and order steps, having the ability to design custom order routing rules to circumvent manual tasks becomes invaluable. SalesWarp ENTERPRISE has always offered retailers a way to create order routing rules by building custom order flows to match the needs of […]

Updated Feature: Product Listing Tool

Product Updates

Omni channel retailers need to be organized. The typical omni channel retailer sells on multiple sales channels (Magento, Amazon, eBay, Brick-and-Mortar) and fulfills orders from multiple locations (Warehouse, Drop Shipper, In-Store). With operations spread out over all these different areas, an omni channel retailer’s biggest asset is one system to manage it all. One system […]

Updated Feature: Product Attributes Tool

Product Updates

SalesWarp is constantly adding new features and updating the interface of the SalesWarp system to make it easier for our clients to use and navigate. The newest 2.7 release of SalesWarp ENTERPRISE is now available to new customers, and existing customers have the option of adding the new 2.7 features. As part of SalesWarp’s Product […]

SalesWarp Recaps IRCE 2014


Last week several members of the SalesWarp team were in Chicago for the 2014 Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition (IRCE2014). We met with hundreds of retailers and asked them all the same question: “What is your biggest omni channel pain point?” We received great responses, ranging from inventory management to cross-channel product publishing. It didn’t […]

The SalesWarp Guide to IRCE 2014!


If you’re like us and you’re heading to IRCE 2014 next week, no doubt you’ve been busy preparing for your trip. If you’re retailer, you may be outlining your plans, figuring out what companies you want to visit that may have a solution to solve your eCommerce pains. At SalesWarp, we’ve partnered up with some […]

SalesWarp Preps for IRCE 2014


These past few weeks SalesWarp has been busy preparing for the Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition taking place in Chicago on June 10-12th. Last year’s SalesWarp team will be exhibiting in Booth 410 along with our newest member, Ali Walton, SalesWarp’s Social Media Manager. This time we are doubling our booth size to deliver attendees […]

Retailers’ shipping strategy affected by Amazon

There are few industries as competitive as the retail sector. Merchants are always looking for ways to surpass their competitors by expanding their product offerings, adding new features, lowering costs, improving customer service, opening new stores, redesigning their websites or anything else they can do to gain an edge.

An e-tailer of many parts solves an inventory management problem

Media Coverage offers 1.5 million SKUs, replacement parts for many brands of motorcycles, snowmobiles and recreational vehicles. And it often orders parts only when customers order them. Here’s how it’s automating that complex process. LLC offers 1.5 million SKUs. But it only stocks best sellers, and orders other items when customers place orders on its […]

Ecommerce software to enhance the customer experience

Inventory Management

In the past, retail channels were solitary and operated independently of each other. Inventory offered through one channel was reserved for that specific channel, while customer information, sales data and other important metrics were generally also unique to that specific avenue.

eCommerce Software Flexibility (Part Two): Inventory Management

Inventory Management

In part one of the eCommerce Software Flexibility blog series, I talked about how flexible order management software can help online retailers improve order management and their eCommerce operations. Flexible eCommerce software gives online retailers the ability to configure automated tasks to perform tasks that meet their specific business operational needs. When an online retailer is managing inventory stocked […]

Baltimore e-commerce firm awarded $500,000 through InvestMaryland

Media Coverage

A Baltimore e-commerce software provider has received $500,000 under the state’s InvestMaryland program. SalesWarp, founded in 2009, will use the funding to grow its line of products including its Spark product which that offers e-commerce management through cloud hosting. The company currently has 12 employees and plans to double that number by the end of […]

eCommerce Software Flexibility (Part One): Order Management

Order Management

Flexibility is one of the most sought after benefits when an online retailer is looking for eCommerce software to fit their business. Conforming ones business to a standard, cookie cutter structure can be detrimental to competitive advantage and how a business is able to deliver service expected by its customers.

6th Street Paves Way For Expansion With Funding Round

Media Coverage

A Baltimore startup that helps retailers manage their online business has snagged $1.2 million in funding and is looking to raise another $6 million as it prepares for a major expansion. 6th Street Inc. will seek the additional funding this year as the company ramps up hiring, looks for more customers and finds larger quarters […]

Free shipping gains steam among top online retailers

Order Management

Free shipping is important to customers, there is no denying that much. One study from Forrester found that nearly half of customers (44 percent) abandon their shopping carts before completing the transaction because the shipping ended up costing too much.

Inventory Software Leverages Supply Chains to Prevent Inventory Gaps

Inventory Management

If you ask parents what their biggest fear is during the holiday season, most will agree: disappointing their children. One of the most common ways for this fear to manifest itself is at the retail store - parents arrive either online or in store at the last minute, go to find the item their child wanted most this holiday season and discover it's out of stock. It's a nightmare come true in the eyes of many parents.

SalesWarp ENTERPISE and Volusion Are Now Fully Integrated

Product Updates

Recently, a potential client approached us with a project. They knew we were the right fit for their business – scalable, flexible, and providing functionality for managing multiple online stores and warehouses from one system. However, they were using Volusion, a shopping cart we did not have an integration for…yet. The client agreed to work […]

Customer Experience in 2014

Customer Management

This year was a big one for retailers. The economy continues to recover from the economic recession and with it, consumers' discretionary budgets have gone up as well, leaving them with more money to spend at retail.

Understanding the need to replatform

Omnichannel Commerce

Retailers are no strangers when it comes to leveraging new technology. Whether it's the cash register, mobile devices or some new back-end technology, merchants have always used the tools available at their disposal to improve retail operations and drive greater revenue.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Replatforming eCommerce Software

Industry Insight

When constant upgrades become daily tasks, or a software’s functionality just isn’t meeting growth demands, it might be a sign that it’s time to replatform your eCommerce software. According to the infographic below, created by Monetate, an overwhelming 72% of eCommerce companies plan to change their platform technology solution in the next 3 years. 46% […]

[Infographic] Will Cyber Monday Spending Increase in 2013?

Industry Insight

Is your retail business prepared for Cyber Monday? An infographic by Best Computer Science Schools, displays “How Cyber Monday became the new Black Friday”. In 2012 nearly 1.5 billion dollars were spent with online retailers on Cyber Monday alone. The draw of Cyber Monday? It seems to be free shipping. 96% of consumers surveyed cited […]

Working around shipping costs

Order Management

Customers don't like to pay for shipping, and several studies have even indicated that shipping expenses and the delay between ordering a product and receiving it are the two top reasons why some people would rather shop at a brick-and-mortar store.

Study: More consumers doing their holiday shopping earlier

Industry Insight

The end-of-the-year holiday season might be getting even longer if consumer shopping behavior is any indication. A new report from CFI Group, a customer satisfaction technology and analytics firm, has found that a significant number of shoppers – particularly the highly-coveted millennial group – are starting their holiday shopping earlier than they have in years past. […]

Adapting for mobile shopping

Omnichannel Commerce

If merchants aren't actively pursuing mobile commerce, they are leaving precious sales on the table. Consumers are increasingly using their smartphones and tablets for everything from researching products to making the final purchase, and retailers need to respond to this paradigm shift by embracing these devices just like their target audiences.

Five Success Factors for Omnichannel Merchandisers

Omnichannel Commerce

Retailers seem to excel in the omnichannel market when they can seamlessly manage inventory, product information, and which products are presented to which channels at what time. While they may operate in different industries, those who are most successful provide excellent customer service no matter where the customer is purchasing.

Best Practices for OmniChannel Order Management

Order Management

In eCommerce, the ability to process and manage orders efficiently is crucial, not only to customer satisfaction, but to your bottom line as well. With consumers accessing your products from multiple channels and on various technology platforms, the need for an intelligent, automated order management system is more important than ever. Your order management system […]

Streamline your Product Management and Improve Time to Market (infographic)

Product Management

As a retailer, product information management (PIM for retail) can be one of the most time-consuming processes associated with building and managing an eCommerce business. You need to integrate with suppliers, standardize all of your product data and easily publish to your online stores, marketplaces and other sales channels. For example, you may have 50 […]


Product Updates

The Cloud-based version of our Enterprise eCommerce Management Software For the past three years our enterprise-level clients have driven the development of SalesWarp ENTERPRISE. As their needs have grown, SalesWarp has listened and added functionality to the platform, helping to streamline retailer’s daily eCommerce operations and processes. While our focus has been on these larger […]

Product category changes how consumers shop for goods

Industry Insight

There is a popular notion that many merchants cling to, which suggests millennial consumers between the ages of 18 and 34 prefer shopping online compared to other channels. While that's true to some extent, a recent report from Urban Land Institute illustrates that isn't always the case.

Consolidating B2B & B2C eCommerce Operations

Inventory Management

Recently we’ve had some conversations with various manufacturers around consolidating their B2B and B2C eCommerce operations. With the growing demand for B2C-like B2B eCommerce experiences, there is the challenge of running operations efficiently with multiple systems. A multichannel eCommerce management system that connects your ERP system, vendors, shopping carts and marketplaces to synchronize your orders, […]

A breakdown of the B2B buyer

Industry Insight

B2B merchants typically serve smaller audiences, but at the same time, they do much more business with these customers. This means it's critical that retailers take the time to learn about their clients so they can serve them better.

Are ERP Best Practices Hurting Your E-Commerce Business?

Industry Insight

Back in ’96 ERP systems quickly gained popularity among brick and mortar retailers who needed an all-encompassing solution to manage their data and increase efficiencies across business departments. The introduction of the ERP system brought about more collaboration, standardization, automation, and integration to all different business applications. However, the ERP system came with tradeoffs.

Christmas in July

Omnichannel Commerce

The most pivotal time of year - the holiday shopping season - is a mere five or six months away, and you're going to need this time to prepare marketing, operations and other logistics to ensure you're ready to serve customers a satisfying shopping experience.

Canton eCommerce Company SalesWarp Seeks $10M In Funding

Media Coverage

SalesWarp recently closed its second round of financing and is planning a third round before the end of the year. The Canton e-commerce company is also adding five employees in engineering and product management to its current full-time staff of 16. Private investors funded the first and second rounds, CEO David Potts says. He declined […]

Features of a Complete eCommerce Solution [Infographic]

Industry Insight

With every eCommerce business there comes challenges surrounding the many processes and technologies that manage different functions and departments. Having an eCommerce management system that can integrate and consolidate as many of these needs as possible is crucial to success. The following infographic shows the five main features any eCommerce software solution should provide a […]

Data is driving the omnichannel evolution

Industry Insight

For the retail industry, the times they are a-changing. In decades past, brick-and-mortar would be the cornerstone of successful retail businesses, with direct mail catalogs or television-based shopping initiatives serving as support.

SalesWarp is getting ready for IRCE 2013, are you?


If you’re heading to IRCE 2013, you’re probably like us right now. You’re preparing all of marketing and show activities right now. You’re ramping up your pre-show marketing campaign if you’re a vendor, and if you’re a retailer, you’re identifying all of the sessions and potential vendors you want to make sure you visit.

The importance of user interface and SalesWarp

Product Updates

Do you remember when you first designed your eCommerce website? It was likely driven by features - you wanted to have all these retail categories, service options, shipping offerings and everything under the sun right there and accessible to consumers.

Retail Merchandising 101

Inventory Management

One of the most pivotal functions of any successful retailer is the ability to offer the right products to customers. Merchandising is concerned with the planning, sourcing, purchasing and arranging of the acquisition of these products.

Tapping the global market with eCommerce operations

Industry Insight

When you run a brick-and-mortar store, geography is a natural limitation - unless you offer a truly unique product selection or deliver an extremely good customer experience, people aren't going to travel from hours away to make a purchase from you. One of the core benefits of eCommerce is that it essentially does away with geographic limitations.

Operating In A Niche Online

Industry Insight

Generally speaking, most eCommerce entrepreneurs take two approaches: They go horizontal and offer a variety of products to shoppers or they go vertical and specialize in a particular niche.